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September 16, 2021

Baby Oopsie (2021) Movie review

Okay, you all know how much I love Charles Band, right? I mean, I did watch AND review the entire Puppet Master franchise. Even most of his bad films are still kind of fun, whether he wrote, directed, or produced them. I’m just not sure this flick can be included on that list.

Baby Oopsie is the story of Sybil Pittman, an unfortunate, lonely woman. She lives with an overbearing, garbage of a human being stepmother, Mitzi; two local youths constantly harass her, basically robbing her every chance they get; and works for a boss who could give Bill Lumbergh from Office Space a run for his money.

Though there are a few people who do like her (Earl, the mailman, Ray Ray her best friend, and Kristy, who’s renting a room in Sybil’s home), Sybil really only has one joy in life - her dolls. She loves to restore and collect antique ones, and runs a dedicated video channel/series to her doll work. One day she receives a mysterious package that contains the trashed head of Baby Oopsie (the little bald, nightgown wearing baby doll from Demonic Toys). Immediately, Sybil falls in love and works diligently to restore it.

Unfortunately, she can’t get the mechanical elements to work. Until, one day, she receives ANOTHER mysterious package. This one contains some kind of pentacle charm. Once she puts that in Baby Oopsie’s new body, the doll springs to life.

The next thing we know, Baby Oopsie has taken it upon herself to get revenge for her ‘momma’, Sybil. Once she realizes what’s happening, Sybil tries to warn Ray Ray and Kristy, but they write it off as part of Sybil’s stress and depression. Eventually, Sybil warms up to the idea of getting revenge on the assholes in her life and helps Baby Oopsie out. Until the doll turns its attention to the innocent.

Sybil must do what she can to stop the doll’s murderous rampage. Can she defeat the satanic muppet in time?


Let me just say right off the bat, this is not a good film. Honestly, the original Demonic Toys wasn’t all that great, and I’ve never watched the sequels. Just that Puppet Master mashup from 2004. Baby Oopsie (the actual doll) looks awful, its voice is annoying, and all it spouts are bad jokes and ridiculous quips. Most of the characters are just cliche stereotypes, with bad dialogue and lackluster acting. It probably goes without saying all CGI effects are just crap, and it is very obvious we are watching someone running around with a puppet on his/her hand.

Wait, you're gonna put your hand where....HEYYO!


I loved the character of Sybil Pittman, played by Libbie Higgins. Sybil is a very sympathetic character, though it does seem her misfortune reaches hyperbolic levels. Even though dolls are not my jam, I can see how much joy Sybil derives from them and how they have become her whole world. She’s written to be the underdog who you want to end up the reigning champion. Libbie did a fantastic job of fully bringing this character to life.

The story itself is well done, despite the cliche dialogue and mostly stereotypical other characters. I won’t give away the big twist at the end but honestly, I didn’t see it coming. When I thought I knew what was what, they threw in another surprise. And the ending was much bleaker than I expected.

Keep an eagle eye out for little Easter eggs from other Charles Band productions throughout the film!

Overall, like I said, not a great movie. But it does have some entertaining elements that make it worth a watch. At least once, anyway.

1.75 hatchets (out of 5)


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