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January 24, 2012

Movie Review: Long Pigs (2007)

Directed by Nathan Hynes and Chris Power

Starring Anthony Alviano, Jean-Marc Fontaine and Paul Fowles

“Long Pig” is a fairly old culinary term for human flesh meant for consumption. Long Pigs is a pretty decent little Canadian indie horror film from the minds of Nathan Hynes & Chris power. The plot is pretty basic, you've got 2 documentary film makers who have hooked up with cannibalistic seriel-killer Anthony (Anthony Alviano). Anthony has agreed to let the film makers document every facet of his lifestyle. From chit-chatting over beers & cigarettes to late night prostitute hunts to the butchering of human corpses and the display of his culinary skills at concocting delicious stews and barbeque. As the film progresses our 2 film makers become more and more involved in Anthony's devious exploits, graduating from sampling his meals to full-on accomplices to murder.

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As the lead role, Anthony Alviano has been perfectly cast. He is convincing in his easy-going, matter of fact attitude. The quiet guy next door who happens to be a homicidal maniac. The great script writing added a sense of realism to Anthony's dialogs- including speaches about how his cannibalism has no sexual basis- “It's culinary”- and his descriptions of why it is important to tie off the human anus before butchering for reasons of basic hygiene just added that extra touch that makes you believe this dude is legit....and a complete psycho.

Although not overly gory, there are a couple of graphic scenes involving the butchering of human bodies. These scenes were done in a very blue-collar, workman-like atmosphere though, which added to the realism, no music for dramatic effect (nice touch). Special FX, although not spectacular, achieved their objective. In other words, the shit looked real, and that's what counts.

Done for about $250,000 (Canadian), Hynes and Power pull off a decent little movie here. It's not the scariest or the goriest movie out there but it is shocking at times and does do a great job of convincing you that you are along for this weird ride. Sitting shotgun next to a serial killer as he does his thing. Fans of cannibal movies or serial killer flicks should enjoy it. The depictions of death and gore are pretty realistic, and the ending, although good, was one that I kinda saw coming. No worries though, it was satisfying and apropos. A simple, straight-forward little indie horror movie that hits the mark.

7 juicy, delicious strip steaks out of 10

Reviewed by KennyB

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