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May 29, 2015

Movie Review: Three Ripening Cherries (1979) and Sensual Fire (1982)

Directed by Carlos Tobalina

Movie Review by Greg Goodsell

Desperately plain girls buried under makeup. Ugly wallpaper, sheets and tablecloths. Nonexistent stories about sex in San Francisco. We are back on director Carlos Tobalina’s turf, friends.

Three Ripening Cherries finds Mom (Kitty Shayne) talking to four girls at the kitchen table about sex. Mom admits that her first time was not pleasurable. A bearded friend of the family sought to be the one take away her troublesome cherry, and in a flashback, aforementioned creep forces himself on her to her cries of pain and distress. Mom sought to make amends by sleeping with every high school greaser in the process in order to get her groove back.

After series of trial and error, mom sets her sights on her daughter’s father. The result is untold marital bliss! “The first man I ever enjoyed completely…when he’s home, we enjoy each other immensely.”

After this heartwarming chat, a devoutly religious Latina exchange students prays and then pleasures herself with a vibrator. The three other girls then have sex with each other, two boys and then three boys. After exhausting the heterosexual male population of San Francisco, our young ladies vow to save themselves for the men they love. So much for traditional family values.

I recently mentioned to the Old Sage of Porno, William Margold that I was reviewing Three Ripening Cherries for Cinema Head Cheese. Without missing a beat, Margold proclaimed, “The pits!” He then offered as a way of explanation that the porno films shot in San Francisco were of a different species entirely than the ones filmed in the San Fernando Valley. No argument there …

In Sensual Fire, skin flick warhorse Jamie Gillis is off and running with his new lady love, Jesie St. James when he begins to entertain lustful thoughts of her daughter, Dorothy LeMay. 

Gillis seeks advice from psychiatrist John Seeman. This being PornoLand AND NOT REAL LIFE, he advises Gills to burn off some unwanted steam at a brother with youthful looking hookers. After some even more desperately plain girls are paraded before Gillis’ eyes at the cathouse, he relieves tension with the receptionist, Serena.

Director Tobalina puts in a cameo as a “liberal priest” who meets Gillis for a on a ferry. Again, this PornoLand version of the clergy advises him to return to the cathouse for another tryst, and this time it’s LeMay made up to look different.

We’ve seen enough already, haven’t we? Gillis gets to meet and finally bone down on LeMay at a costume party and his victory is intercut with an atomic bomb exploding. How this clever bit went over at a time when President Ronald Reagan seemed hell bent on World War III with the Ruskies is anyone’s guess. There’s an extremely lame surprise ending, HA!

I’m laughing as the evil brains at Cinema Head Cheese have promised me that they will never again torture me with Tobalina. Hefty theatrical trailers, lasting nearly five minutes each, for both films are included as extras on this Vinegar Syndrome release.

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