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November 1, 2015

Interracial Sex Havoc #11: 1996 – 1997

The Interracial Sex Havoc project is a reviews selection of films that contain at least one interracial sex scene. I am focusing on regular films (both independent and major studios productions), but select adult films are also included. The present chapter is about movies released from 1996 to 1997. I reviewed many goodies, including a Jon Voight film and a Russell Crowe flick. So, enjoy!

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

Ashtray [Shawn Wayans from White Chicks (2004)] lives in the hood but he doesn’t like the violence and poverty that comes with it and he wants to fall in love and move away. He meets Dashiki [Tracey Cherelle Jones from Baby Boy (2001)] who is a psychotic single mother with 7 kids that seem to be from many ex-boyfriends. There is also a black activist who is has sex with a white girl or two but we see none of that; it is implied though as a shot of a moving vehicle suggests intercourse.

This is essentially a parody of all the “hood” movies that were popular in the mid-‘90s and although it is insanely hilarious as a satire (benefiting by exaggerating stereotypes), it also works as a genuine comedy. This is because director Paris Barclay [who you may know from his TV work] throws everything in and it somehow manages to stick successfully. It was budgeted at $3.8 million and it grossed more than $20 million which means that audiences liked it too.

Up Your Ass 2 (1996)

This was directed by Sean Michaels (who is my favourite ‘90s porn star) and there is no story in it, just a series of scenes (edited with dated video effects) that are connected with a bit of narration by the director/star; additionally, the occasional Anabolic Video commercial pops up and pads out the already lengthy running time.

The title says everything, and speaking of ass the first scene is featuring Dina Pearl who has an amazing one (Mark Davis and Sean Michaels do her). The second scene is featuring Julie Rage who has an incredible body (Jake Steed does her). The third scene is featuring Nicolette who is acting as if she is possessed by the devil (Julian St. Jox and Mr. Marcus do her). The fourth scene is featuring Spice who is the most attractive girl of the lot, mainly thanks to her piercings and tattoos (Sean Michaels does her). In the fifth scene Brooke Ashley fucks Jake Steed and in the sixth scene she fucks Sean Michaels. The final scene has Guy DiSilva and Sean Michaels doing Shanna McCullough.

Up Your Ass 3 (1996)

In this sequel by director Sean Michaels you’ll get pretty much the same routine. The first scene has Sean Michaels doing Devin DeRay (who has the most amazing tits when it comes to big ones). The second scene has Sean Michaels again doing Maya Souls (who has the most amazing tits when it comes to small ones). The fifth scene and the seventh one are both of the threesome variety, while the third one is of the foursome kind. The fourth scene has La Tigra licking Tom Byron’s ass. The sixth scene has Sean Michaels doing Lana Sands who is very beautiful indeed.

Up Your Ass 4 (1997)

In this sequel director Sean Michaels takes you to London and Budapest. In the first scene he does Kelly Hearn in an outdoor setting. In the second scene Tom Byron does Alyssa Love who gives great head with her pierced tongue and she also has perfectly shaped tits. The third scene is a MFF threesome and the sixth scene is a MMF one. The fourth scene is featuring Omar Williams and Danielle Kelson (a typically hot pair). And in the fifth scene Sean Michaels does Nora Forter.

Up Your Ass 5 (1997)

In this sequel director Sean Michaels gives you more of the same. In the first scene he does Christina Angel and in the fifth one he does Obsession. In the third scene Julian St. Jox does Brooke Ashley. The fourth and the sixth scenes are of the threesome variety while the second one is a foursome.

Rosewood (1997)

Fanny Taylor [Catherine Kellner from Shaft (2000)] is married to James Taylor [Loren Dean from Apollo 13 (1995)] but he is cheating on him with Robert Patrick [Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)] who after a fuck session decides to beat her to pulp. What Fanny does after the beating is blaming everything to a black guy, and since this is set in 1923 U.S.A. the villagers of the titular place form a mob and they go after the entire African American community (the KKK gets also involved).

In the meanwhile John Wright [Jon Voight from Heat (1995)] has an affair with an attractive black lady (the two of them have a brief sex scene of interest to this column) but this is not explored further and it is only important to this particular character’s story arc.

The film is based on the true story of the Rosewood massacre that took place in Florida, and although it had favourable screenings at events such as the 47th Berlin International Film Festival, it flopped at the box-office. It was directed by John Singleton [Shaft (2000)] and it is a piece of cinema that makes you think.

World Sex Tour 13 (1997)

This is an adult film directed by Christopher Alexander, but I have not seen any other instalments of this particular series as yet. The one under review is set in Sweden and it is featuring some local girls banged by a few known porn stars, who before the action, get to speak a little bit about themselves.

In the first scene a Brigitte Lahaie lookalike by the name of Mikaela is fucked by Mark Davis who cums more than once. The second and the third scene are of the threesome variety, an outdoor one and an indoor one respectively.

The fourth scene has one-timer Bianca licking cum from the ground; well, not the ground, a towel that is on the ground, but still...

The fifth scene has Mr. Marcus (who is in most of the scenes anyway, and he is really the star name in this flick) doing Jessica Strom. Mr. Marcus even has his ass licked by Dina Jewel in the final scene.

IMDb lists this as Anabolic World Sex Tour Volume 13 but I believe that this mix-up happened because the production house behind these series was Anabolic Video.

Heaven’s Burning (1997)

This film is set in Australia (which is its country of origin too) and it is about Colin [Russell Crowe, a couple of years after The Quick and the Dead (1995)] who because he is in desperate need of money finds a job as a driver for a family of gangster immigrants. The job is a bank robbery and it goes wrong (one of the gang members is left behind killed) and on their way out of the crime scene they take a hostage with them. The hostage [Yûki Kudô from Mystery Train (1989)] was unhappily attached to Yukio [Kenji Isomura] and she is actually glad to get away from him; especially now that Colin had to take out one of the gangsters and saved her from death. The two of them will go to a journey to the impossible, and the road that leads to nowhere will grow a bond between them which will translate into romance. They will also have a brief sex scene together, which is why this film ended up here.

There is a good story to be found in Louis Nowra’s [Cosi (1996)] but it would only work if it was set up as a comedy; director Craig Lahiff [Black and White (2002)] plays everything straight, much to the plot’s demise. It is often so serious that it becomes boring, even with having a leading couple that gets hunted by both criminals and law enforcement (and even a dumped fiancé).

Dakan (1997)

Sory and Manga are two young black boys and they have to face all the problems and the struggle that living in Guinea is as a gay couple is. Everything seems to be against them, including the society and their families (that will go as far as employing witchcraft in order to exorcise what is a sinful act in their eyes). Manga will eventually meet Oumou, a white woman, and he will make an attempt to “overcome” his homosexuality (the two of them provide the sole interracial sex scene of interest which is pivotal to the characters’ arc), only to find out that he cannot escape his first and true love.

Writer/director Mohamed Camara’s award-winning debut (he had previously helmed only a couple of shorts) may be the first Queer film from West Africa (it was a Guinea and French co-production) and it had a successful run on Lesbian & Gay themed Festivals.

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