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October 25, 2016

Movie Review: Killbillies (2016)

Reviewed By: James DePaolo
Welcome to Eastern Europe. Killbillies will have us believe that the population of Slovenia is fucked. Women are either models or batshit insane. ( Some may qualify as both) The men are either too weak to fight, out to get women drunk and try to take advantage or crazed hillbillies. So, there is not really much to deferianant their culture from ours. The locale of Slovenia makes a great setting for this horror film. The story centers on an ex model named Zina. She agrees to do a photoshoot in the country. The photographer is Blitcz who along with his assistant Dragica and airheaded but over-ambitious model Mia are going to make the best of this. The photoshoot is a nightmare already with all the complaining from Mia. The nightmare gets worse, as Mia spots in the distance two crazed hillbillies coming their way. The two deformed hillbillies are Franci and Vintlr. Right off the bat, the two bully the group. One thing leads to another, and the group are abducted by the two.They are trapped inside this dungeon of sorts waiting for what can happen to them next.

Killbillies is a very fun horror film. It gives us a new vision of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre premise. The film while does start off slow. It seems that when the 30 minute mark hits, this film is just an all out insane ride. The violence in this movie is intense as is the blood and gore moments. This is also one of the first horror films in recent memory, that a character started off annoying but you gain sympathy for them. The people involved in this film, clearly are horror fans and wanted to change the cliche elements. 

The ending of this film, while very predictable was a standing ovation cheer. . It seems everyone is delving into dark humor to give us a “ fuck you” sort of ending these days. I love when people take the route of insane. This film starts off with a dark tone and gently graduates to a desperate and panic tone throughout. The intensity on screen had me with my fingernails being chomped and the couch being grabbed. This film delivers so much to the horror genre, that I hope we get more entries from this country in the future. Sinister and cruel, yet dark and tense. Killbillies is worth the watch. The tagline for this film should be, ” Welcome to Eastern Europe. Be scared Americans”. What Jaws did for the ocean and beach, this film can do for tourism.

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