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May 23, 2014

Movie Review: The Bone Snatcher (2003)

by David Hayes

Set in South Africa, this independent chiller is a little more than you would expect. Ambitious story tells the tale of a Canadian researcher called into the Diamond Mines of South Africa when a team of miners disappears. The Researcher and his team of Mine Security run into trouble when they discover that the recent disappearances are the result of an ages old African legend that, in order to physical humanoid form, needs the skeletons of the people he kills. Of course, skin, muscle, fat, etc. is of little use to the creature and is summarily devoured. Bone Snatcher benefits from a location seldom seen in horror today, the deserts of Africa, great to excellent acting, nice direction, well-written story and production. The flesh eating is well done, and the title monster is more than adequate (and more than most big budget fiascos). Sadly, the only way a wide North American audience would ever see this would be to put a major star in the cast and shoot it in Los Angeles.

Buy The Bone Snatcher on DVD

Alas, Bone Snatcher will probably languish in obscurity. It is a shame, since First Look gives us their always high-quality DVD transfer from 35 mm original, great packaging and intense story. Special features on the disc include trailers and cast bios. Not much to speak of there, but the cost in dealing with foreign properties sometimes prohibits licensing extra materials. Definitely try and find a copy (should be at least one at most Blockbusters) and have fun.

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