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May 21, 2014

Movie Review: Wakefield Poole's Bijou

As a long time admirer of classic adult features I've come to really respect the work of the folks at Vinegar Syndrome for their ability to put forth an increasingly versatile catalog. There are some interesting adult oriented gems from filmmakers itching for re-discovery and it's important that there are some companies that can take charge in releasing these films in quality presentations. Directors like Carter Steven, Phil Prince, Henry Paris and Armand Weston are a handful of quality golden age directors that I've become fond of over the years - all who need their films brought back to the DVD and Blu-ray format. I'm going to add a new one to the mix in Wakefield Poole (Wakefield Poole's Bible). Wakefield Poole’s hardcore gay feature Bijou has just been released by the Vinegar Syndrome and, well…let’s just say it’s a unique experience.

Bijou opens innocently enough with an interesting mix of three different perspectives – a man driving his car, a mustachioed construction worker walking home from work and a woman crossing a street. The three all come together in not so fortunate circumstances with the driver striking the woman with his car. Our construction worker witnesses this event and promptly takes the injured and possibly dead woman’s purse.

The fellow makes his way back to his tiny, sleazy apartment (naked chicks covering his walls from end to end) and starts to go through her purse where he unearths a ticket. This particular ticket takes our friend to a place called the Bijou, where all his desires become fulfilled. Before that though, it's been a long day of construction work and stealing dead women's purses so a shower is in order for him and here the viewer gets to see the one of the big selling points of the Bijou - the gargantuous schlong of Bill Harrison. Harrison is so colossal in his jeans that you’d thing his member was attached to a Tibetan Yak. God bless him! I bet he’s fun at parties.

The horny construction worker and his eight pound schmeckel head off to the Bijou where he puts it to use with plenty of it's very naked male patrons. The coolest thing about Bijou, at least for me, were the bizarre visuals. This is not a bunch sex scenes slapped together, so if you're like me and just enjoy straight and girl / girl action this gay feature actually has a ton more to offer as a cult oddity for the less uptight adult film connoisseur. Oddly enough, I almost liken the visuals to that of early a haunting Gumby cartoon from the late 50’s which was silent all throughout. Sprinkle a little Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with about eight yards of flopping crank and you have the madness that is Bijou.

The extras on here are really fantastic. As someone who was new to the work of Poole these interviews and the commentary were a very nice addition. Poole contributes an introduction to the feature as well. The commentary is well worth a listen as we have Poole doing something that’s not always easy when doing a commentary – He does it solo with no moderator. The director manages to roll along perfectly with what’s on screen with some great anecdotes and some very welcome humor. He goes into some detail about the discovery of his gay version of John Holmes, Bill Harrison. In the early 70’s it was actually his partner at the time that discovered the massive “talent” of Mr. Harris.

Wakefield Poole’s Bijou really has the potential to appeal to fans of both cult movies – it’s just that well done that it transcends the regular fuck film. No doubt a wild edition to the Vinegar Syndrome catalog and well worth a look. Recommended


  1. Stephen Sayadian aka Rinse Dream owes a huge debt to his film -- it provided the template for his CAFE FLESH and NIGHTDREAMS!

  2. Excellent point. I saw a lot of Cafe Flesh in Bijou.