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January 20, 2011

Movie Review: Let Me In (2010)

James DePaolo

Directed by: Matt Reeves
115 minutes - Overture Films/Anchor Bay

Plot: This is the American Remake of Let The Right One In. The story of 12 year old Owen, who is bullied at school, at home his family is going through a painful divorce. One night on the playground outside his house he meets Abby. Abby just moved into the neighborhood. She is a vampire in the disguise of a 12 year old little girl.

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Review: The original had a lot of fans, and also had a lot of haters. I personally loved the original. What made it work was the chemistry between the two leads. This film has the same chemistry, I almost dare to say I liked the American Owen and Abby a little better. Where the original was more subtle in its approach, this one is more graphic. The bully scenes with Owen in school are supposed to have a Columbine feel, but it was taking place in 1983. This shots with Abby and her attacks are so CGI filled, at times it seemed kind of a waste. If they would have showed less it would have felt better. To see Abby move around like a cat was silly. Where the original was heavy on the subplots this one was heavy on over explaining and over dramatizing. There is a cool car crash in this film when Abby's father/lover is in the back of a car trying to get blood off the driver, and before he can do it, the driver takes a friend with him. Then, when they stop at a gas station the father fights with the passenger and the car crash happens and it is amazing to look at. The film is not a shot for shot rip off, it more is like it borrows certain elements and scenes. It tries its hardest to establish its own identity. It was not as good as the original, but you know what it was not a waste. You still get the famous swimming pool scene, which this film makes it a little hokey with the CGI . There are movies you recommend, and you like, but you know you will never watch it twice. This for me is one. I liked it, but I wont watch it again. But the dvd does come with a cool mini comic book.

Should you buy this film, it is truly up to you. Should you at least watch it, yes. I will say it is worth a watch

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