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January 20, 2016

Second Chances (New Sensations Romance - 2014)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 20, 2016

Starring :

Carter Cruise
Allie Haze
Jessa Rhodes
Chad White
Brendon Miller
Logan Pierce


During her Freshman year of college, Madison Presley thought she'd met the love of her life when she starting dating handsome football player, Josh Rochette. That is, until she found herself the butt of a giant fraternity joke that he had carefully orchestrated behind her back. Devastated by his betrayal, Madison spends the next three years trying to move past her heartbreak with the help of her unfailingly loyal friend, Dean and wisecracking roommates, Olivia and Lucas. But, when Josh unexpectedly comes back into her life during her senior year - Madison's world is thrown into a tailspin. Although older, wiser, and far more jaded than when she'd first fallen for him, she's left wondering whether something truly wonderful can come out of giving people Second Chances.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 13 mins.)


In the film, SECOND CHANCES, college Senior, "Madison Presley"(Carter Cruise) was left heartbroken when, during her Freshman year, her Jock boyfriend, "Josh Rochette"(Chad White) dumped her has part of a cruel Fraternity initiation.  The initiation called for him to sleep with, and then subsequently dump someone on the night of the annual Fall formal for no reason at all.  Unfortunately, Madison was the sacrificial lamb.  The act even earned her the nickname of "Wham, Bam, Thank you, Lamb" around campus.  It is something that over the years, she has learned to cope with.  Fast forward a little bit, to the present time.  It is now 3 years since the heart crushing event, and she has since been successful at moving on.  She runs an animal charity group called "Pets Heal Hearts" with her roommates, Lucas(Logan Pierce) and Olivia(Jessa Rhodes), with which they rescue, and rehabilitate animals, with the help of children.  She also spends a lot of her time working at a local bar for her Bartender boss, "Dean"(Brendon Miller).  But it is at that very bar, that her world is shaken up when Josh shows up with his new girlfriend, "Bethany Landis"(Allie Haze). Madison does all that she can to avoid him, but then the unthinkable happens, when an anonymous donation for the sum of $5,000, in made to the charity. Initially, Madison and her roommates have no clue but to wonder would could be so generous. But it is after some digging, that the hack savvy Lucas finds out exactly who.  It's none other than Josh Rochette himself.  This causes Madison to have a few questions.  Why would he do this?  Is he trying to win her over(again)? Will he get in the way of a possible new romance with Dean?  Or does her one time man in her life simply want a second chance in order to redeem himself?

Well, here it is, me going back a few years to review an older release from Jacky St, James and Eddie Powell.  It is actually a film that I had heard about awhile ago, as I first learned about it when it was winning all of its awards last year(multiple winner/nominee at both XBIZ and AVN).  It was certainly one that I thought that I wouldn't be reviewing, simply because the time had passed. But luckily for me, the good folks at NEW SENSATIONS had included this film in a package that they sent out.

Here, the film tells the story of a college student, once left broke hearted when she was a Freshman.  She is now in her final year and life is content, that is until the one responsible for her the broken heart, shows up out of nowhere, as memories threaten to open up old wounds.  It has happened to the best of us i'd say. when we get over something, no matter what it is, only to have it revisit us later.  It is then, where we must choose to let it hold us back, or keep moving forward.  That is the matter at hand in SECOND CHANCES, another film, written by Jacky St. James.  Does Madison let the past come back to haunt her, therefore derailing the present, and possibily her future?  Or does she agree to forgive and forget, and give a second chance to someone who once did her wrong?  The storytelling again here is top notch, even for a romantic drama - yes with sex in it.  It takes you on a path that leads us to believe that Madison will make the obvious choice, only to fake us out in the end.  I will admit that at first, I wasn't so sure about that choice, but after thinking about it, I finally realized the true meaning of the film. That happiness doesn't always have to be as a result of love, it can come with forgiveness as well.  If that makes sense.  I know that it makes sense to me.  I think I could get really used to this deep and meaningful Adult entertainment. That is exactly what St. James continues to bring to the table via her sharp, and intelligent scripts. As long as she keeps it up, i'll keep seeing them, and subsequently writing about them!

As the film moves along, the story is driven by great performances by the cast.  One of the main reasons that I ever wanted to see SECOND CHANCES was the fact that it stars Carter Cruise.  Truth be told, I have a big crush on Carter.  Ever since I discovered her, i've loved her. From her raspy voice, to her authentic sexual energy that she brings to each of her scenes, watching her have sex is always a nice experience. But that is the sex.  How does she stack up as a straight actress?  She does quite well i'd say.  Here it is very easy to like her, as she assumes the character of "Madison Presley", as she is very believable.  I also had fun with the roommate dynamic created by all three; Cater Cruise, Jessa Rhodes and Logan Pierce.  The scenes featuring all three were fun, and even made me smile, as did the individual pair scenes with the characters "Olivia"(Rhodes) and "Lucas"(Pierce), in which they find love in the un-likeliest place - with each other. Elsewhere, also good is Chad White as the former bad boy looking for redemption.  From what I know of him online, Chad is a super nice dude, so here, he has to be a little douche-y in the beginning, before his character eventually shapes up.  He does a good job though. Allie Haze also during the film, appears as "Bethany Landis", Josh's current girlfriend, who pretty much has the same mindset that Josh once had.  She's a Sorority girl, who gets off on the torment of others. Allie plays up the part to good effect.  And then last, but not least, is Brendon Miller, who portrays, "Dean", a Bartender, and also Madison's boss.  Not only is he her boss, he is in love with her.  First, Miller was a drummer(he still is), and then he was a Pornstar. I have to admit, at first I didn't know how well he'd do in the world of Porn.  But admittedly, that is my fault, because the guy is damn good, and he is likable.  It is his character, along with Cruise's that truly drives SECOND CHANCES home.  I feel that without the performances by he and Cruise, this film would have not been the same.  The performances are raw and genuine, as the more emotional points, are what truly hooked me into the story.  This was another script that kept things not only emotionally connected, but interesting, up until the very end, as we find out the fate of the characters.

As for the sex scenes, SECOND CHANCES features 4. Of these scenes, they are all great.  The two Carter Cruise scenes(one with Chad White.  The other with Brendon Miller), are both extremely hot, with the film's final scene having a bit of an edge, seeing at it starts at the front door, goes to the stairs, and ends in the bedroom.  How's that for scenery?!  Also hot, is the pairing in the second scene with Jessa Rhodes taking on Logan Pierce.  The character element in that they have always been "just friends", really adds to the fun.  I have always liked Jessa, who is one of the most beautiful girls in Porn(in my opinion).  It's good to see her in a feature!  While those are my favorites, that takes nothing away from the pairing in the first scene of Allie Haze and Chad White.  It too, is a really great scene. And Allie is a natural beauty.  With that said though, collectively, this is a nice collection of sex scenes.

As mentioned above, I know that I am late to SECOND CHANCES, but I am not surprised to see that it is another quality film from St. James, Powell and NEW SENSATIONS. The story is well structured, deep with meaning and once again has a nice little valuable lesson in the end. Not only is the story, which is a romantic drama, with a hint of comedy, easy to follow and enjoy, it also features 3 very hot ladies in Carter Cruise, Jessa Rhodes, and Allie Haze.

My score : 8/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Allie Haze and Chad White
In the first scene "Josh Rochette"(Chad White) takes a break from studying for a romp with girlfriend "Bethany Landis"(Allie Haze).  It all begins with some passionate kissing, before Allie pulls out Chad's cock and begins to stroke and suck it.  This lasts briefly, before she straddle his cock to ride in cowgirl.  From here, a nice pace continues as Allie bounces.  Things really begin to pick up, as Chad really pounds it in as he binds Allie's hands behind her back.  Then things take to side fuck, as Chad pins her legs down and proceeds to penetrate her nice and hard.  The action eventually, and naturally progresses to missionary, where the pace continues for a time, before changing to spoon.  Things then change to Chad taking Allie from behind as he continues to ram it into her hard and fast.  The action is followed up with the two going back to missionary, where Chad continues the pace, before pulling out to cum on to Allie's stomach and chest to end the scene. - A great scene to start. The action is nice and hard.  The performers seemed to be really into it, and besides what's not to like about Allie Haze? And Chad is ok too!

Scene 2 : Jessa Rhodes and Logan Pierce
"Lucas"(Logan Pierce) makes a bet with roommate "Olivia"(Jessa Rhodes) that he can hack into the donation site, in order to find out who the anonymous donor is.  If he is able, she agrees that the two of them will kiss(with tongue).  Well, eventually he is able to hack into the site, and so of course, "Olivia" must hold up her end of the bargain.  They do kiss, but after, it turns out that "Olivia" wants more, and so, of course, that leads to sex.  As the two kiss, they eventually get undressed.  Jessa starts by slurping on Logan's cock, with some spit applied, while he fingers at Jessa's pussy.  From there, Jess climbs onto Logan to ride the cock in cowgirl. For a period, thing continue at a nice pace before Logan decides to go down on Jess, where he proceeds to eat her pussy. This is before he slips it in, in missionary, and proceeds to nail her hard for a time, before things go into doggy.  Here, Pierce continues to plunge it in as he periodically palms her ass as he goes deep.  From doggy comes spoon.  It is from here that the action continues nice and hard, with Jessa at one point coming to climax, it continues until Logan does the same, when he pulls out to explode onto Jessa's stomach. - Another really great scene, with lots of energy.  Jessa and Logan also keep things fun by remaining in character. Jessa is just so damn hot as well. The scene is really good.

Scene 3 : Carter Cruise and Chad White
As "Josh Rochette's"(Chad White) girlfriend Bethany"(Allie Haze) leaves his dorm ransacked, he recalls a happier time, as we flashback to a time that he and "Madison"(Carter Cruise), had sex.  Things begin with Carter continuously sucking on Chad's cock, all before Chad goes down on Carter, as he sucks and and tongue at her pussy. Carter then gets on in cowgirl, where Chad  proceeds to slam it in nice and hard as she bounces and grinds.  She eventually puts weight on her feet from this position allowing Chad to really slam it in.  Things then go into doggy for a time as things continue, before going into spoon.  Here, things range from nice and steady, to fast and rough,  When Chad continues to jam it in, he massages Carter's pussy, which cause her to cum.  Chad then takes things to a seated missionary position, where Carter continues to guide her pussy into his cock.  It then switches to traditional missionary, before going to doggy, where things continue nice and fast, before Chad ends up blowing a huge load onto Carter's back.  - This scene was pretty hot.  Carter Cruise always brings a ton of raw energy and emotion to her scenes, which is way I like her so much.  It is fucking sexy to watch her have sex with anyone.  She just lets it all go, and holds nothing back.

Scene 4 : Carter Cruise and Brendon Miller
In the final sex scene, "Madison"(Carter Cruise) shows up at "Dean's"(Brendon Miller's) door, hoping to make up with him after an argument comes about after he gave Madison's email address to Josh.  Of course they make up, and in this case, of course it leads to sex!  First, Brendon fingers Carter's pussy, before holding up her right leg, which allows him to pound her pussy.  The camera gives us a nice underneath view of this action.  After, things take to the stairs before the bedroom, where Brendon goes down on her with his mouth and fingers.  This is followed up with Miller putting it in, in missionary, for a little "in and out" on the stairs.  Soon, Carter climbs on top for some cowgirl, and from there she is seen bouncing up and down on Brendon's cock.  From here, Brendon carries her up the stairs and trows her on the bed.  It in then he spreads her ass, and pussy apart, and goes in with his tongue, before he puts in his cock.  As Carter lie flat, Brendon slams it in, as they kiss.  From this, things then go to missionary, where it continues, before Brendon must pull out and cum.  He does so on her stomach. - This in my opinion, is the best sex scene of the film, it is really hot, and sexy. The film's buildup to this scene creates a lot of energy, and the fact that Carter always brings it, makes it that much hotter. I really dug the multiple locations in the same scene as well.  Nice addition.

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