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June 1, 2011

Movie Review: The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002)

I'm pretty sure I just watched a guy blow himself for an hour and a half. Robert Evans is the producer of some of the greatest movies of all time including The Godfather, Marathon Man and, of course, Popeye. According to him, he is the greatest producer, lover and mind of the twentieth century and beyond. I heard about this movie over and over, and I had to finally sit through it. I discovered one thing. There are blowhards, and there is Bob Evans.

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I have heard comedians go on about this. Patton Oswalt does a great impression of Evans, and Adam Carolla has a great take on this movie. Listening to Evans tell his story is amazing. The whole time I just keep thinking, "Does this guy know how full of shit he sounds?" It isn't that he's lying, but the amazement at how brilliant he is makes this movie ridiculously funny. Initially, he wrote a book. I write plenty, and sometimes reading your own words helps you clear up your thoughts a little. This guy not only recorded an audiobook, but he narrated his own movie. Is he deaf to his own words?

Yes, Evans has lived a fantastic life. That doesn't mean he needs to recall it like he is solely responsible for saving the world. He didn't. He just made some movies, did some coke and banged some chicks. I like the line, "The name Bob Evans gets ink." That's a classic. Watch this with friends. It's really insane, and you're going to want to look over at someone else and see if they're making the same face that you are. Good stuff.

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