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June 1, 2011

Movie Review: Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest (2011)

Two things that I enjoy most in my vast entertainment tastes are bouncing breasts and fart humor. When I saw that the folks at Alternative Cinema were producing yet another sleazy movie set similar to the very generous After Hours Films line called Uncle Farts' '70s Grindhouse Sleazefest, this filth enthusiast got quite eager to check out a new collection of vintage smut. The films compiled on the set include: Sex Odyssey, Dionysius, Honky Tonk Nights and Satan's Daughter. The atrociously animated Uncle Farts is your humble host for all four outings.

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Sex Odyssey is kind of a rough way to start. There's really no dialogue, but I suppose the premise is cavewomen venturing out into the wilds in search of some very horny caveman that look like Frank Zappa and Jesus. Some of you may know about the "one-day wonder" in porn - this would be more like the one-hour wonder. It's really that cheap. The sex is soft-core, despite showing a not too flattering close-up of one of the primitive gals' hairy busted up sphincter. Imagine the Scarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi and you'll have a clear enough visual of the horror. Only this one has swallowed up more Jawas. Hardly something to throw a "Fast Five" to. Onto the next!

Dionysius is a little more of the same except the cast is slightly better looking(like less facial hair on the females. There’s even a topless actress bouncing her double DDs while she practices archery. Everybody appears to be a hippie in this one. Both Dionysius and Sex Odyssey have the oder of free-lovers. Unfortunately, this manages to be yet another soft affair but it's easier to watch and almost erased the trauma of the "Scarlacc" in Sex Odyssey.

Adult film legend, Georgina Spelvin plays a feisty bartender in the next feature, Honky Tonk Nights. This is by far the best looking production wise of the four and looks to have been kept in the best shape, but again very little action is on display for us perverts. Just a lot of mediocre singing. Honky Tonk Nights almost has the feel of a film that may have two versions - a soft and a XXX.

Our final feature (and best), Satan's Daughter, is heavier on the sex and takes a bizarre horror angle with Satan's Daughter having her birthday. This isn't your average birthday cuz there's a lot of fuckin'- including an energetic living room orgy. Again, of the soft-core variety.

We get a few extras on the disc in the shape of some entertaining liner notes on the films and a host of Alternative Cinema/After Hours trailers. The reel is fun if you haven't seen the trailers before on the their other releases. Overall it's a mixed bag. The Uncle Farts cartoons are an interesting touch but are rarely funny. Apparently there are more volumes coming in the series so hopefully the films get better.

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