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May 13, 2012

Movie Review: Nightbeast (1982)

Let me start by saying, Nightbeast is an awful film. The acting is atrociously over-the-top. The majority of the night scenes are poorly shot and just way to dark . With that said, it's gory, hilarious and it has George Stover (Desperate Living, Female Trouble). The late Don Dohler (Blood Massacre, Fiend, and The Alien Factor) struck cinematic gold with this 1982 extra-terrestrial splatter film. Troma grabbed the rights to Nightbeast in the early 90's so that fans of quality crap could revisit this unforgettable slice of goofy 80's independent horror. Come feast with the beast!

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Nightbeast could be called a sci-fi/horror film. I think that was the original intention by Dohler. It does deal with an alien who terrorize the hapless folks of rural Maryland. This toothy bastard has a giant pair a choppers and is armed with a laser-gun that disintegrates people who get in is way. The Nightbeast also has a talent for disembowelment which he takes full advantage of when strewning out the gooey intestines of his victims. For the micro-budget Dohler was working with the make-up and gore FX were actually ok - despite the inclusion of a horrendously phony decapitation. That's the Dohler charm though.

Our hero in Nightbeast, Sheriff Cinder (Tom Griffith) attempts to give the Nightbeast everything he has by protecting the town from the laser shooting creature. If George Stover is known for overacting than Tom Griffith is the exact opposite. There really is no sense of urgency for the Sheriff.

Troma has done a nice job putting together some extras for the release. The best being some deleted scenes/ bloopers and a commentary that was recorded in 2004 with Don Dohler and George Stover. Both have worked together numerous times so they seem to have a nice chemistry. Yes, even B movies need good chemistry and in this case it’s a very friendly and enjoyable commentary between the gentlemen.

Nightbeast is easily one of the most entertaining “bad” films of the 80’s. I’d recommend a double-feature of this and Douglas McKeowns Deadly Spawn.

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