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November 11, 2011

Movie Review: Alien from the Deep (2011, One 7 Movies)

One 7 Movies bring Antonio Margheriti's fun Alien rip-off to DVD for the first time!

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 Film: 2/5

As everyone knows, the 80's were the Italian's golden age of trash cinema. From splatter classics to Hollywood rip-offs, they knew how to make some damn entertaining films. Alien and it's action packed sequel Aliens are two flicks that seem to spawn hundreds of copycats. Alien from the Deep, if you didn't guess, is one of the spawn of those hundred copycats. Despite being slower than a Power Loader for the first 40 mins or so, AftD is exactly what you would expect from Margheriti....schlocky fun.

Two Environmentalists team up with a snake farmer (what the fuck?) to stop a corporation from dumping chemically toxic waste into a volcano that is still active. The years of toxic dumping have created an alien bent on destroying anything in it's sight. When I said you could skip 40 mins or so, I meant it. There is so much talking and unnecessary exposition, when the Alien finally emerges it's a little too late, but still worth the watch. At first, all you see of the Alien is a long, robotic claw. It's quite funny and a hoot to watch it grab people when it's movement is sluggish as hell. The real treat is when the Alien fully shows itself. The Alien is as tall as a fuckin electrical pole. How it was able to freely move around a cramped industrial building is anyone's guess, but that's the cheesy charm of the film. Logic is overrated anyways! In true rip-off fashion, the finale has the survivors using a bulldozer (ahem - power loader - ahem) to defeat the Alien.

DVD: 2/5

* Full Screen 1.33:1 Transfer
This is without a doubt sourced from a tape. That said, it doesn't look that bad. Very serviceable as far as the master goes.

*English & Italian Dolby Stereo
Audio does it's job, you can hear the dubbing in all it's glory. 

Bonus Features: 1/5

* Italian Credits

* Photo & Poster Gallery
Bonus Features are slim to none and the credits are taken from a beaten VHS.

Check Alien from the Deep out, it take some time to get the boring stuff out of the way, but when the B charm kicks in, it's definitely worth it.

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