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February 27, 2012

Interview: Gary Friedrich, creator of Ghost Rider

Kevin Moyers at Wizard World Chicago 2011 with the great Gary Friedrich

Back in August of 2011, I was able to interview Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich at Wizard World Chicago. He was very gracious and one hell of a nice guy. We filmed it, but unfortunately, the audio is terrible due to the noise coming from the crowd around a two story t-shirt booth nearby. In light of the recent situation with Mr. Friedrich and Disney/Marvel, I figured I should go back and let you hear from the man himself. I did my best to transcribe what we filmed, and this is what I could manage. I hope you enjoy this short little interview.

The comic book creator community is stepping up behind Gary Friedrich, and leading that charge is Steve Niles. If you’d like to assist Mr. Friedrich in his plight, or you’d like to know more about the situation, head over to

Kevin Moyers: This was my favorite comic growing up. This was the only comic book I ever really read. Now, what gave you the idea for Ghost Rider?

Gary Friedrich: When I was a kid, I was reading several different comics. I went to the movies and saw The Wild Ones with Marlon Brando. That was the first motorcycle gang movie ever, and I immediately thought up the idea of a superhero on a motorcycle.

KM: How did you feel about the movie that came out?

GF: Well, it’s gratifying to see it put up on the screen after all these years. Not the movie that I would’ve made.

KM: Right. Never is.

GF: Probably so.

KM: But, to be inspired by a movie, then to see a movie from something you created had to be very exciting.

GF: Oh, sure it is.

KM: Now, did you just do the Johnny Blaze stuff, or did you have anything to do with Danny Ketch or the future 2099 stuff?

GF: No, I wrote the first Rider, and that was it.

KM: What other big ones did you do?

GF: I wrote one Spider-Man, I wrote several issues of the Hulk, I wrote Captain America, Daredevil, X-Men.

KM: Thank you for giving us a couple minutes today. It was great to meet you.

GF: My pleasure. Thank you.

Head over to Gary's Facebook page and make him your friend!

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