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July 18, 2013

Disturbing Documentary "Zero Killed" Coming From Cult Epics!

Controversial Documentary Film about the Most discussed Topic in the News!
Premieres on DVD: July 23, 2013
Los Angeles, CA (July 2013.) If someone murdered a person you love, how would you feel about it? Are soldiers murderers? Should torture be legalized? How to define good and evil? Since 1996 film director Michal Kosakowski has been asking people with different backgrounds about their murder fantasies and staged these as short films.
The Awards winning film ‘Zero Killed’ is an unconventional hybrid of feature film and documentary, that makes viewers question their personal and social positions concerning ethical and moral values and taboos. This candid confessional of the taboo criminal fantasies, which exist in the minds of normal people is shocking. Fictional crime stories may flood today’s cinemas, but this copulation of fictional crimes challenges us all to look more deeply into the mirror, or more closely at our neighbor. Is evil inside all of us?

Price:                                     $24.98 DVD
Street Date:                      July 23, 2013
Production Year:            2012
Film run time:                        81 minutes
Language:                         English/German/Polish/Serbian with English subtitles
Aspect Ratio:                    1.78:1
Audio:                                 Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Label:                                  Cult Epics
Distributor:                       Entertainment One
DVD Catalog Number     CTE-DVD-122                 
DVD UPC:                         881190012291
Rating:                                 Not Rated
Digital release available July 15, 2013
ZERO KILLED  Special Features:
The Making of Zero Killed
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