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September 15, 2015

Movie Review: Super Infra-Man

Alright, tonight I am watching Super Infra-Man from 1975. It's a Chinese  Ultra-Man/Kamen Rider type movie. If you ever wondered where they got the idea for Rita Repulsa of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers this is it. Princess Dragon Mom is a mix of Rita and Scorpina.  Dragon Moms lair scenes with monsters volunteering to fight the human is exactly like the Rita scenes. This is just good fun! Definitely not as good as Ultra-Man. It Is a good homage to the Japanese Tokutatsu of the era. The Shaw Bros. got a lot of help from many Japanese creators. 
Don't get me wrong it is bad, but at the same time it's fun and oh so campy! Now Infra-Man himself is a definite amalgam of Ultra-Man and Kamen Rider!  The stories pretty basic, you have this horde of monsters that invade Earth led by Princess Dragon Mom. A group of scientists decide to create a superhero, Infra-Man. They genetically engineer him, what you get is a hero who looks like Kaman Rider with the same colors and powers of Ultra-Man. He can grow to gigantic sizes and battle giant monsters! And, battles he does! 

Now the big difference between Infra-Man and his Japanese counterparts is, Infra-Man has 
decent Kung-Fu action! 

So, Dragon Mom decides to kidnap the main professors daughter, in an attempt to get an evil Infra-Man clone. It only brings our intrepid hero into a final conflict with the baddies that is typical in these movies.
With all that said, don't be turned off by this movie. It's loaded with schlocky, campy fun! From the sucky story to the horrid American translations it makes for a great Friday late night booze and movie fest!

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