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September 13, 2015

Movie Review: Z Storm (Blu-ray)

Reviewed By:

James DePaolo

In my 5 years plus now doing reviews I have watched a lot of movies. Add to that going to the movies and watching films that I do not review that are on Netflix or I go out and buy. So, one can say I am a rabid and avid movie watcher and try not to miss too many titles. I know in my heart of hearts not every film can be a winner, some films fall short intentionally and others unintentionally. Z Storm, is a great premise and I bet in the right people’s hands could make a great film; this was not the right people to handle this film.

Z Storm borders on self-parody and idiocy almost immediately and never fails to stop for one minute and try to come up with something that could save it from its fate. This film I want to think wanted to be taken serious and it just did not have a clue how to do it. It is Z Storm that really lowers the bar on what is acceptable in modern film and this film should never have seen the light of day. I feel all people involved should be on line on their hands and knees apologizing to us for even thinking about watching it.

The plot is as follows, Wong Man Bin works for the Hong Kong Police Force and is reported for corruption by his abused ex-wife. Her words open up an investigation that will affect all of Hong Kong. It seems that money from both the government and public will be put together in this Z Hedge Fund once it is listed to the public. This film plays out like a dinner house theater episode of CSI. We follow this team who go deeper into this conspiracy, and the characters have zero charisma or energy.

It is like they are boringly going thru the motions. The acting in this film is so wooden and one note, that you feel they are still reading the script in a recital more than acting. This film lacks depth, a good script and storytelling. The pacing of this film is just so all over the place that you had to think during the filming not one person knew how to not only bring out the best of the actors on screen but keep the film interesting. The ending to this film is so one note and flat that it is so fitting for how this film played out. I would say avoid this film by all means.

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