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September 17, 2014

Movie Review: Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotic Cinema (5-Disc Set, Blu-ray / DVD)

As an avid admirer of the wonders of the female form I've always thought that in many ways Russ Meyer is to curvaceous mammaries what Tinto Brass is to luscious derrieres. If you've seen a Tinto Brass film, you'll notice the man truly loves a lady's bottom and how it is presented artistically on film. Framing a pair of butt-cheeks is paramount in the presentation of Tinto's many beautiful subjects he puts in one of his films. Tinto has an amazing eye for the suppleness of a round derrière as well as those other womanly features such as large breasts, much like Russ' ability and has a knack for catching that appropriate jiggle. "Real" woman are highlighted so don't expect scrawny girls, mosquito bite breasts or shaved privates - get ready for some real curvaceous subjects on the opposite side of his camera lens. 

There is a new set entitled Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotic Cinema from Cult Epics that highlights some of Tinto's finer more recent films - Monamour, the Blu-ray premiere of Black Angel, and also two other decedent slices of Italian naughtiness Private and Cheeky. Could this be an essential addition to the collections of European erotica enthusiasts? Let's have a look!

First up on this Blu-ray box-set we get Monamour. Marta (Played by the gorgeous and very horny, Anna Jimskaia) and her husband, Dario (Max Parodi) are having some marital issues. Only 6 months into marriage and the sex has hit a wall. Dario has turned into a complete bore with his 30 second love-making sessions. What's a girl to do when her man can't get her off anymore? That's where Leon (Riccardo Marino) comes into the picture to help Marta shake off her worries about Dario's inadequacies. Having a soup-can sized frankfurter helps too! Leon now becomes the object of Marta's non-stop fantasies following they're meeting at a party. The fantasies range from: Anal in a bathroom(with plenty of liquid soap), fingering in an Italian eatery -complete with roaming opera singers dressed like Schneider from One Day at a Time- and a very wet outdoor sexcapade in a forest; while pouring rain comes down on the fornicators. Marta puts all her fantasies down in written form in her diary (right where hubby Dario can see it). He becomes filled with jealousy and'd think, but no, Dario is insatiable...for 30 seconds, again.

Soon it becomes certain to Marta that, that one-time romp with Leon needs to become more consistent. But the real question is: Does Leon want more of Marta or does he just wanna share his Tibetan yak dong with other lovely lasses? If Marta doesn't get Leon, one thing she can thank Leon for is empowering her, with his member. It's a win, win for the lovely Marta. Monamour, at the very least, is powerfully erotic and well worth a watch.

What's not to love about the cover art on Cheeky? The shot back of a ladies' ass on a bicycle riding who knows where on the cover of the disc immediately pulled this perv in.Where Monamour is kind of playful semi-hardcore, Cheeky, as well as Black Angel and Private’s strengths are that they are a bit more erotically charged. They really are all about giving the viewer strong visuals (aside from the very welcome ass and tits on display) and a surrealism to focus on as a viewer. Cheeky is one of the better titles of the four on the set simply because it does all of those things so very well. It’s about an attractive young woman man named Carla who travels to London for a month internship. Her boyfriend Matteo joins her later because he is jealous and controlling. Shortly after, Carla she lands at her destination and has several people who want her goods and test is can she stay committed to her love Matteo.

It doesn't stop there as their is a healthy amount of supplementary material across the box set. We're treated to the Tinto Brass' short film Kick The Cock. Brass fans, this exactly what you'd expect - a very playful and perverse little number that looks fine visually too. Tinto sits at a table ogling his new maid (the very sexy Angelita  Franco) while she does various kitchen duties with her arse cheeks exposed outside her maid uniform. The second part of the short veers into a little more sleazy territory with Tinto watching her through a window, stroking away until a syrupy load coats the window whilst smoking a fat cigar. It's a fake wiener but still way out there. A few extras are included on the disc, behind-the-scenes, pictures are shot for a comic strip, Tinto hits the film fest circuit in one featurette and we even get to see the lovely Franco performing at a venue doing a dance.

In addition you get a very impressive full color booklet with interview with Brass put together by Cult Epics' very own Nico B. Flipping through this was a big treat as it was chock full of color photos and excellent info on Brass. Possibly the biggest extra on the set is the inclusion of the fifth disc which is in DVD format called Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotic Cinema. If you truly love the cigar-chomping, ass-loving director you will be in heaven with this super cool bonus.

This set is an absolute must buy for Tinto Brass fans. Seeing that all four films also look damn good on Blu-ray gives anyone with DVDs of these films all the more reason to pick this set of films from the "Maestro". Highly Recommended

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