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June 18, 2015

Street PunXXX (Burning Angel Entertainment - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - April 18, 2016

Starring :

Rizzo Ford
Kelsi Lynn
Amelia Dire
Alice McMunn
Small Hands
Mr. Pete
Seth Gamble 

Life can be rough for the punk rockers of squat 138; Spang-ing  for change, dumpster diving for food. Do you know hard it is to keep vegan in these conditions? To make matters worse, the city's building inspector wants to evict these punks from 138!  Watch these slutty punk chicks do what it takes, and I mean DO what it takes, to save their squat from total destruction. These girls will bring "Getting Fucked By The Man" to a whole new, they will literally get fucked by the the ass too!

(Runtime - 1 hr. 36 mins.)

The film STREET PUNXXX, tells the simple story of a group of Punkers(Small Hands, Alice McMunn, Amelia Dire, and Rizzo Ford), who live an an abandoned building which they call, "Squat 138".  It is here at Squat 138, that a new runaway(Amelia Dire) arrives from somewhere up North.  Fortunately for her, the punks waste no time in making her feel right at home, while also showing her their "ways of the land".  Tricks of the trade, which include Spang-ing(asking people for spare cash), dumpster diving, and getting sex, any way they can.  For many, their ways would be considered unorthodox, but for the punks of squat 138, it is the way that they live, and it is essentially how they have lived comfortably.  That is until now.  Because now, they have the local building inspector(Seth Gamble) breathing down their necks.  Yes, "the man".  And the man says that they must evacuate the premises in 24 hours time.  Knowing this, the punkers simply carry on as they would normally, as they look for a quick solution.  They Spange, they dive, they rock out, and dream of Shrimp flavored Ramen.  But most joyus of all?  They fuck.  And fucking is what they'll do to keep their home.  Amelia sure picked a fine day to join Squat 138.  Because it is the day after, that her ass would truly be on the line!

 The Punks have arrived here at The Cheese, and I for one, couldn't be more happy to have them!  Yes, this is a film, from the kind(and inked) folks at BURNING ANGEL.  Before receiving a copy of STREET PUNXXX to review, I joked around with Small Hands, saying that, here, BURNING ANGEL, has basically mad a porn version of the Punk classic, SUBURBIA.  At the time, I only had said that jokingly, as I had yet to see it.  I was just giving an observation.  Well, now that I have seen the film, I am really surprised at just how almost accurate I was.  But that is not a bad thing at all.  Because this film is actually pretty fun.  Storywise, STREET PUNXXX does it's best to represent each of its punk characters, as well as their life customs - yes, all the while making time, for sex.  Good sex, nonetheless!  In it's 96 minutes, it covers a lot of ground, excluding the sex.  From the Spang-ing, dumpster diving, and the trouble with the building official.  It all flows surprisingly well, making this a film that is fun to watch.  Not only are the individual sequences nicely realized, they often deliver a brand of comedy that is pretty funny.  For instance, Rizzo Ford being surprised by Mr. Pete's construction worker character's cock not smelling like garbage when she goes to suck, it, or when she tells Pete to lick the dirt off of her face, and so on.  All of these moments, are the result of in-character quirks that the performers are mindful enough to retain at all times.  It's great stuff.  Small Hands had the pleasure of being the only guy in the core group of Punks, and he keeps things fun.  All the boy wants is some Shrimp flavored Ramen.  Feed the kid!

To be more descriptive, storyline wise, STREET PUNXXX is a film that doesn't exactly present a story that has a beginning, middle and an end.  It is more or less, one that has a beginning, and then there are some happenings in the middle, before things eventually arrive to the ending, where a storyline element, which was introduced in the beginning finally concludes.  With that said, however, although the script/story structure isn't too broad in detail, the film still offers enough, so that the story, and its characters remain interesting and fun.  Although the characters themselves have limited development, we leave the story knowing them pretty well(although, yes, the film never gives the characters official names).

So to sum it up.  I really enjoyed this slick Punk story, which is all things; high spirited, clever and funny.  Where it may lack technically, it more than makes up for with its witty humor, and unfiltered sex.
And speaking of the sex - STREET PUNXXX features 4 individual sex scenes, and neither of them wimpy!  The scenes consist of 3 boy/girl scenes and one girl/girl.  And here is where I give the film's Director, Joanna Angel some props, as she simply lets the performers go, or at least it sure feels that way.  Unlike many other films that I have reviewed, which seem to "pull punches", when it comes to the roughness of sex(most want things to look artistic).  STREET PUNXXX on the other hand features, hard sex all around.  It just feels more spontaneous and real.  Not fabricated for the camera.  So which among these 4 scenes is my favorite?  I would probably have to say the film's final scene between Amelia Dire and Seth Gamble.  It was pretty hot.  But then again, I really enjoyed the third scene pairing of Kelsi Lynn and Small Hands.  But who's choosing when choosing is so difficult?  All of the BURNING ANGEL girls are hot, and so is the sex which they deliver.

My Score : 8/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Rizzo Ford and Mr. Pete
While out Spang-ing, Rizzo meets a construction worker(Mr. Pete), who promises to find her a "mash pad"(a place to masturbate).  This gets horny Rizzo in the mood.  She says that she knows a place where they can go for an hour.  From there, the action begins in a bedroom setting.  They kiss, and Pete quickly goes to finger Rizzo's pussy.  Her shorts soon come down, as she is on all fours, Pete tongues her ass and fingers her pussy.  This is followed by Rizzo lying back, and spreading, while Pete goes in between her legs, for more fingering and sucking of the pussy.  Next, Rizzo returns the favor, as she ferociously sucks his cock.  Before long, Pete fucks her face.  What follows is Pete taking Rizzo in missionary.  He teases her a bit, before sliding it in, and moving at a fast, hard pace as he restrains her legs high.  He drills her, before briefly taking out to finger.  He goes back in however, and continues his pussy assault. Rizzo massages her pussy, as things continue.  Things then transition over to spoon.  From here, Pete fucks her hard, as the two kiss passionately.  Eventually, Pete slows things down and massages her pussy.  This is before he pulls out, and goes to finger-bang Rizzo, hard and fast.  He continues until she cums.  After, things go to doggy.  From here, Pete keeps a nice steady pace, alternated with Rizzo guiding herself back and forth on the cock.  This is before Pete picks out the pace.  Next, Rizzo is back to sucking, before she climbs on in reverse cowgirl.  From here, it's a bumpy ride, as she bounces up and down on the cock, nice and hard, as it plunges into her, deep.  This is followed by the position switching.  In cowgirl, we get a nice view of Rizzo's ass, as well as the penetration, as Pete goes deep, and at one point, he fingers her asshole.  He spanks her as she continues to bounce.  The position ends with Pete fingering her ass, and drilling her hard and fast.  After, things return to missionary.  Here, Pete continues the hard, and fast pace, before pulling out to cum in Rizzo's mouth.  - This was a pretty good scene.  I loved the setup, and the dialogue during the sex, which is, at times, funny.  But what's even better, is that the action from the performers is both hard and rough.

Scene 2: Rizzo Ford and Amelia Dire
The next scene takes place after being visited by the building inspector(Seth Gamble), Rizzo says that all of the talk about the eviction is making her horny - from there, she asks the new girl, Amelia if she wants to fuck.  Well, of course she does!  The two ladies kiss, as they strip each other down.  Amelia sucks on Rizzo's tits, before Rizzo returns the favor.  Next, Rizzo takes to Amelia's pussy with her fingers.  She goes on to finger-bang her hole, hard, while also tonguing.  She briefly goes to fuck her mouth with her fingers as well, before going back to jamming her fingers back into the pussy.  Following this, Rizzo eats pussy, and does even more fingering of the twat.  Amelia, seems to love it.  Kelsi then goes on to fuck Rizzo, as she spreads wide.  From here, Amelia tongues and sucks the pussy, before doing a little finger-banging of her own.  Amelia eats the pussy, as she is doing so, Rizzo bounces on the couch.  Next, Kelsi is on all fours, as Rizzo first spanks her, before fingering her from behind.  The pace from here, is hard and fast.  Next it's 69 time, as Rizzo, straddles Amelia's face, and she eats Dire's pussy, while Amelia does the same.  Rizzo next, borrows a strap on from Alice(McMunn), who has been watching the whole time.  Rizzo wastes no time, as she begins to fuck Amelia's mouth.  This is before she goes to fuck Amelia with the dildo from behind.  Rizzo fucks her good for a time, before having Amelia sit on it, in reverse cowgirl.  From here, Amelia bounces up and down on the dildo hard, for some time, before slowing down to grind on it.  The scene ends with the two ladies kissing passionately.  - This was a pretty great scene, which only got hotter as it progressed.

Scene 3: Kelsi Lynn and Small Hands
In the next scene, Kelsi and Small Hands are out dumpster diving.  Smalls hopes to score big, as it is "White fish Wednesdays at Rubio's".  However, what they discover inside, is not fish, but instead, porno DVDs and sex toys(must be the BURNING ANGEL dumpster).  Kelsi finds a perfectly unused dildo, and persuades Smalls to put it inside of her.  He does just that.  From behind, he moves it in and out of her pussy, while tonguing her ass.  She bends over, allowing better penetration.  Smalls plugs her with it hard and fast, as he continues to tongue.  The two then kiss, as Smalls fingers her from the front.  This is before she goes to work on his cock.  She sucks, before he momentarily fucks her throat.  Kelsi, goes one to add spit, to make things sloppy, and from here, she strokes his cock, while sucking on his balls  She goes back to sucking, before stroking him with both hands, and again going at the balls.  Smalls then takes her into doggy, where she's bent over, as he fucks her from behind, with a nice, steady pace.  From there, it's a long steady pounding, as Smalls drills it in, using her belt for extra leverage.  At one point, Smalls lifts Kelsi's left leg up, allowing the camera a nice view of the proceedings.  Next, they take to a piece of cardboard on the ground, as things resume in reverse cowgirl.  Here, Kelsi bounces on the cock at a good, and steady pace.  Things continue with Smalls fucking her hard.  However, next, things go over to spoon.  After a time of in and out there, Amelia assumes the position on all fours, where things then take to doggy.  It's here, that Smalls continues to fuck hard, before he must pull out to cum.  He does so on Kelsi's chest, which of course, ends the scene. - Another pretty good scene.  Again, loved the setup, and the action itself is realistic.

Scene 4: Amelia Dire and Seth Gamble
This scene comes about when the building inspector(Seth Gamble), comes to check up on the squatters at 138 again.  He sees that after 24 hours, they still haven't left, as he instructed them to do. He says that he will show them what it feels like to be "ass-fucked by the man".  This leads Amelia to state that she likes to be fucked in the ass by a man.  And from there, sex between she and the building inspector begins.  It begins with some kissing, before Amelia is roughed up by Gamble, who makes her suck his cock.  She deep throats every inch, before he fucks her face.  This continues with Seth seated, she throats it deep, while Gamble fucks.  Next, it's cowgirl, as she sits on the cock.  From, here, Amelia's big ass bounces, as Seth fucks her pussy, hard and fast, as she continuously slams down.  Next is more face fucking, as she fingers herself, before it's back to cowgirl.  Seth then rips off  Amelia's fishnet stockings, as she rides some more.  This is before things go to doggy.  It is here, that Seth fucks her pussy nice and hard, while going deep.  Next, the action takes to reverse cowgirl, where Seth fucks her in the ass.  He pounds her from here, at a quick pace.  Next, Seth makes her get off, and taste her ass on his cock, as she sucks it.  Next up, the anal takes to spoon, as Seth continues to drill her asshole.  It is at this time, that the other squatters watch on, as Small Hands snaps a picture of the goings-on, with a phone.  The all-out ass assault, then continues in doggy, after spoon.  Seth keeps up the pace, as he pounds away at her.  He eventually switches holes, in which he does the same, lasting until he must cum on her ass. - This was a great scene in which Amelia Dire, is REALLY fucked by the man.  The sexual theme of the film seems to be hard and rough, and so it continues with Amelia and Seth.  The action from these two is great.

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