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June 10, 2018

Movie Review: 21st Century Serial Killer (2013)

Holy shit, folks. A Chemical Burn Entertainment film that DIDN’T make me want to vomit, take a cat-o-nine tails to my back before swimming through an Olympic-sized pool filled with lemon juice, or gouge out my own eyes? Did...did the apocalypse happen? Has everyone been raptured and I missed it?


21stCentury Serial Killer is about Aaron, a milquetoast every guy who has a big dream -  to be a serial killer. Mostly it’s about being famous, being remembered. He tries to emulate some of the greats - Gacy, Bundy, Son of Sam - but there’s just one problem. He can’t even kill a fly, let alone a human being.

Eventually he meets a girl, settles down, and begins the routine life of a Post Office employee. While he still struggles with his murderous desires, a real serial killer is plaguing his town. With everything he’s studied over the years, Aaron tracks the killer before the cops catch him. Their chance meeting sets Aaron on the path to his dreams.

But, does it turn out to be everything he’s ever wanted?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but this flick wasn’t half-bad. Yes, I had it completely figured out from the beginning. Each scene sets up the obvious ending so OBVIOUSLY that I imagine only a deaf and dumb chimp couldn’t have predicted it. And while the irksome voice-over narration takes place through the ENTIRE movie, and the few CGI effects were total crap, I enjoyed the overall feel of this dark horror satire.

There is some practical effect blood in parts but gore wasn’t the main idea here. It’s more about Aaron and the pursuit of his dream. He was hilarious to watch as he tried out Gacy’s performing clown disguise, Bundy’s fake broken leg to gain sympathy (which backfired and he had to wear a boot for month to maintain the ruse), and even kneeling down next to a dog just in case it decided to speak to him. His desperate desire to become a killer is both funny and endearing.

I won’t give away the character name but the serial killer ended up being my favorite. The relationship between the killer and Aaron is like watching Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker, where Luke is more inept than whiny bitch. Their relationship is fun to watch, the innuendo between them could be taken sexually but we know that’s not what they mean. There’s a good chemistry between the killer and Aaron and that’s what makes it so believable.

The actress playing Aaron’s wife is a bit stilted and awkward but it’s not uncomfortable to watch. In fact, none of the acting is completely cringe-worthy, and the serial killer gives the best performance. And while the story is predictable, the little jokes and asides thrown around are hilarious.

I normally wouldn’t recommend anyone watch a Chemical Burn film if they weren’t being forced with the threat of death by fire ants. But if you’d like to see an independent film company’s take on the serial killer trope, dark satire style, this might be right up your alley.

2.5 Hatchets (out of 5)

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1 comment:

  1. Actually one of Chemical Burns better releases. It has a theme and a moral, to make those who seek out this sort of entertainment, to ponder.