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April 18, 2011

Sponsor Cinema Head Cheese!

Ever want to advertise your business, project, band, movie or anything else but figure you can't afford it? Well, now you can. We're looking for sponsors for our website and podcast, and we're starting bids on eBay at just 99 cents for one month of sponsorship. Here's how it works:

  • The winning bidder will have a commercial on May's CHC Podcast.
  • A button linking to your site will sit on top of the right hand column of our website from May 15 until June 14. The columns are visible on every single page, no matter what link you click within the site.
  • We will help you with a giveaway here on our site if you are interested.
  • You will be promoted on our Facebook and Twitter pages as our sponsor for the month.
Now, that's not bad for a buck. Of course, the bidding could raise that amount, but that's just how eBay works. It's still a great deal. We are still small, but constantly growing. We get over 200 independent views per day on the site, and our podcast listens have grown exponentially with each episode. Movie fans will see and hear your ad, so why not give it a shot and support independent entertainment?

Click here to bid on the sponsorship for May.

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