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December 17, 2010

Movie Review: G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live in Boston 1989 (2010)

Back in the early 90’s, there was a Tower Records not too far from my home that I'd occasionally try to hit after school. I would always find myself picking up VHS rentals of stuff I couldn’t find in the Blockbusters littering my neighborhood. This place had everything: graphic Italian horror ,exploitation from Something Weird Video and shocking art-house flicks like Salo and Man Bites Dog. It was my one-stop shop for everything that would eventually corrupt my innocent little cabesa…oh and there was G.G Allin's documentary, Hated, too. Here, at Tower Records in Mesa, Arizona, I became fascinated with this fairly untalented punk-rocker. If you haven't yet been exposed to the brilliance of Hated, in short, it's a very well produced documentary; one of the best of its ilk . It wasn’t long after this that I was buying bootlegs of this real-life freak show’s sparsely attended but rarely boring concerts.

The pride of Lancaster, New Hampshire now has a new DVD from MVD Visual called, G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live In Boston 1989, which highlights his surprisingly tame years (for G.G, at least) with his band the AIDS Brigade. Don’t get me wrong about it being tame, this DVD also contains two of his most shocking live-performances in its bonus features section - post-AIDS Brigade with The Murder Junkies . Much of the songs you may come to know and love from G.G Allin and The Murder Junkies are present in the “AIDS Brigade” performances: I Wanna Fuck Myself, Kill the Police, I Wanna Rape You, Cunt on The Loose, I Live To Be Hated and of course, G.G’s classic ditty, Expose Yourself To Kids. If you haven’t heard Expose Yourself to Kids, you’re in for a treat. It’s a little infectious after a while, kind of like G.G fapping his famous microscopic tackle - that he so lovingly flicks at the audience.

The AIDS Brigade footage is enjoyable enough in it's simplicity( minus the antics ), but it’s just a precursor to the inevitable poo-flinging, piss-guzzling, concert-goer-blowing G.G, we know all too well. Let’s just call it “The Calm Before the Shit-Storm”. The bonus features contain two shows from 1993: Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. These shows are prime examples of what transformed G.G Allin into the infamous, destructive persona that he relished in the final years before his death. Soon we see G.G defecating like a rhesus monkey after a Starbucks and broccoli binge. And yes, much like said primate, throwing his butt-mud at the audience. Liza Minelli never did that..or at least, when I went. It’s gross stuff folks. Add a turkey-baster into the mix, amateur pyrotechnics, self-mutilation via microphone, and you soon forget how lousy a singer he is. Are we really listening though?

If you’ve made it past the third paragraph, you may just have an interest in G.G Allin and The AIDS Brigade: Live in Boston 1989. I will say, this is indeed strong stuff, but, with that said, anyone with any curiosity of this truly one-of-kind performer needs to check this DVD release out. Just remember to duck.

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