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December 17, 2010

The Dark Lurking (DVD, Cinema Epoch)

Ugh, this was tough. I went into watching this optimistic and thinking it'd be a fun, low budget monster flick. Low budget, yes...extremely. Fun, only because I was laughing at what I was subjecting myself to. I love bad, B horror flicks, but this is on it's own level of dreck. Why did I dislike it so much? Read on dear Cheeser, if you dare...

The plot (if you wanna call it one) is one that's been used and exhausted for years. Mutated experiments escape, kill and hunt for the remaining survivors on a spaceship. Our survivors are cliched to umpteenth degree. You have the token girl with a connection to the aliens. The beefy Commandos that have no idea whats going on. The scientists that may or may not know what the creatures are. Oh, don't forget about the random characters that serve no purpose other than to be eaten. Their plan is to escape the ship before they become monster food. And, that's it. There is zero characterization for me to even care if these people come out alive. I understand you don't watch flicks like this for characterization, but if there was anything remotely cool to keep my interest piqued I wouldn't be so harsh. It's not the low budget that bogs this flick down. 95% of my favorite films are low budget B goodness. It's the overall lack of care that went into the making. The dialogue, cinematography, acting and Windows '96 CGI and more make this a complete stinker.

Cinema Epoch brings The Dark Lurking to DVD in an anamorphic widescreen presentation. It doesn't look to good but I blame that on the films low budget production. Audio is a Dolby Digital mix which does it's job, no problems in that department. Extras include a stills gallery, trailer, 25 minute "making of" and a short film from the director titled "Netherworld". Also promo gallery for other flicks from Cinema Epoch.

The Dark Lurking is a drivel of a flick, a definite pass.

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