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December 15, 2012

Best of 2012: Kenny's Top 10 DVD's of 2012

My Top 10 DVD’s for 2012

2012 has been a fantastic year for independent cinema, and a gold mine for people who are fed up with the regurgitated dog shit that Hollywood forces down Joe Public’s throat. There are no summer blockbuster’s in my top 10, there are no superhero movies and not surprisingly, Kevin James, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler are nowhere to be found here.

These are all for the most part the films that I watched and walked away thinking, “Wow that's pretty impressive what they just did there on such a small budget. Very clever stuff.” I’m sure there are a shit-ton of other amazing movies out there that I didn't include in my list and that is because of coarse I can only watch so many movies. And being a full-on horror geek, that's pretty much what dominates my list.
Anyway, here it is.......

#10- Evil Head
This is the only adult film that made my list, which makes it my favorite porn of the year. Lots of great sex with a surprisingly well balanced mix of comedy and horror. Fun Stuff

#9- The Collective V.4
A great collection of shorts, not all of them are home-runs but it definitely had it's moments when it shined.

#8- Some Guy Who Kills People
I loved this movie for one reason, it was able to pull of something that few films can and that's combine horror with a story that has a feel-good message. A tear-jerking knee-slapper with a smart and insightful script.

#7- The Aggression Scale
A really fun indie film with tons of action and a great grindhouse style ending.

#6- Yakuza Weapon
A 2011 film with a '12 DVD release date. This one was just crazy fun. A hilarious Kung Fu horror/comedy that had me laughing my ass off. A total freak-show.

#5- The Divide
Yeah, I realize this is a 2011 movie, but its a ‘12 DVD release so that's why I’m including it here. A great apocalypse-style flick that turns into a serious psychological mind-fuck. Michael Biehn kicks ass and Rosanna Arquette is amazing.

#4- Scalene
This is my vote for best psychological drama of the year. A superbly acted movie with a mind-blowing reveal. It took me about a week to get this film out of my head.

#3- Its In The Blood
Lance Henrickson blows it out of the water in this one. If that's not enough reason to watch this then add in the fact that it was by far my favorite creature-feature of the year, a truly creepy and atmospheric story.

#2- Ministry- Fix
Again, a 2011 release that hit DVD in ‘12. A rock-umentary that will shatter your conception of what being a rock-star is all about. Dirty, gritty, real and ultimately quite sad. A really powerful achievement.

#1- Fathers Day
Gay anal-rape, incest, genital mutilation, cannibalism and other assorted hi-jinks made this my no-brainer film of the year. To even view this film places you in a special class of cinema-degenerates, but to love it (like I did) will probably get you put on some type of FBI Watch-List. I lost count of how many times I whispered to myself, “Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me. Did he really just do that? Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes he did!”  This is my Undisputed Champ of 2012.

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