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December 24, 2012

Movie Review: Supernatural Activity (2012)

I often enjoy a good parody film. I guess I should define good, because good parody is extremely hard to come by. To me, a good parody should stand on its own, even if you don't get all of the references to other movies. I want a solid story with fun nods to whatever it's knocking. Outside of the first Scary Movie, the "Movie" movies have been atrocious. There's a good amount of "we have to reference this thing in a ham-fisted way" in each of them. I hate chunks that don't fit, but are there just because. Supernatural Activity doesn't have much of that, but it also lacks in many other ways.

A reality ghost hunting show called Supernatural Activity, led by its Chris Angel-type douchebag host, is going in for a big end to its season by sharing a house with a haunted family. What they don't know is that what they expect to be staged tricks turns out to be a real haunting. Parodies of ghost hunting shows, Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project can be found. Yes, The Blair Witch Project. I know, I said the same thing you're thinking. They even do the close-up nasal thing on the box cover. That's clue number one that you're in for really bad times.

The lead actor does a terrible version of Ben Stiller as any over-the-top character he's ever done. The comedy isn't comedy. Comedy makes me laugh. This doesn't. It tries too hard in every way. Hell, they even try to make a joke in the synopsis on the back of the DVD, and it's not funny either. I don't like to be mean, but when you release unfunny attempts at comedy, I get insulted. I would rather watch a dog shit in ice cream than sit through this again. Actually, I would like to see a dog do that. Thinking of it just made me laugh, but I was able to squash that laughter by thinking about Supernatural Activity. Pass at all costs.

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