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December 26, 2012

Movie Review: Ozombie (2012)

Even with the huge popularity of The Walking Dead it really feels like the constant recycling of the zombie sub-genre has become quite irritating fans in love with flesh-eaters. George Romero can't even do it right anymore and he created this beast.  It's getting to be as bad as the vampire film. Most seem to stay with similar narratives, without really doing anything different which in the end makes them tedious to watch. Ozombie is a zombie flick that does something different: It takes the hunting and murder of Osama Bin Laden and...Well... let's just say it fictionalizes what happened when the Seal team stormed his rat hole.

The movie begins in a very promising way with the raid on his compound. There's some fast action and zombie killing in the mix early. The zombies that Osama has guarding his digs really do nothing to deter the Seals so it's in easy capture and kill for the team. While Bin Laden is scrambling for a hiding spot he injects a serum into himself that makes a zombie not long after he's killed. Once the Seals are done Bin Laden becomes cargo on an airplane that later drops his zombified corpse into the ocean beach-side. Then the carnage begins.

It's all up to a group of soldiers now to take out all of the infected in the area and hunt Bin Laden again. On paper this should be fucking awesome but unfortunately this CGI plagued undead flick is nothing but. I really don't mind that the characters are all clich├ęs; it's to be expected in a film that has such a wacky storyline. At least give me a few practical FX, that's all I ask, and not this generic House of the Dead circa 1990's crap. Even folks that can handle the terrible Scy-Fi Channel output will wince at much of the artificial action dumped on screen.

Bad movie fans (regardless of what I say) will wanna check this out. That's actually how I got pulled into the review - the goofy concept of Osama the zombie is very interesting, but don't be fooled. Proceed at your own risk on this puppy!

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