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July 31, 2017

Movie Review: The Slumber Party Massacre (Blu-ray)

Scream Factory has had their hand in the Blu-ray debuts of many of the classic slashers from the 80's. One such film that they've recently unearthed for a High-Def makeover is from the one and only, King of the B's, Roger Corman. Throughout Roger Corman’s career (most notably in the 70s and 80s), the legendary cult film producer and director has taken a lot of unwarranted abuse by critics and film-goers for producing too many films that portray women as just objects, that are best seen either naked or getting killed. To me that’s a bunch of crap. Few producers have empowered the female gender like Roger Corman has. Sure they get naked, and yes plenty have perished at the hands of Carnosuars and driller killers, but some talented ladies have actually been employed to do more, like direct, write and produce. The director of the Slumber Party Massacre is is actually a talented woman by the name of Amy Jones. That's my evidence, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Gloria Steinem! Now onto the movie!

Corman saw much promise in director Amy Jones, so with Roger's blessing she gladly took the helm for the first film, which would later spawn two official sequels and inevitably soak up thousands of Kleenex across the world. Russ Thorn (Michael Villella) is a serial killer on-the-loose who wields a massive power drill, scoping the neighborhood and the local high school for victims. Of course he finds some very suitable prey in some sexy teenagers partaking in a slumber party put together by the very virginal, Trish (Michelle Michaels).

Slumber Party Massacre’s biggest highlights are an uber explicit shower scene with several gals on the basketball team soaping up, Villella’s extremely underrated turn as “Russ Thorn” and of course the gory drill deaths. Villella not only adds a sick lecherous feel to Thorn but also has a unique look (greasy hair, beady eyes).

Scream Factory has managed to do yet another fine job in the extra feature department. There's a brand-new extra feature on the disc with actor Rigg Kennedy, who actually proves to be an interesting cat. When he’s not talking about his experience on Slumber Party Massacre – he recites poetry.

We also get an informative and fun audio commentary with director Jones and some of the actors that include Villella and Stevens. The commentary is a Slumber Party Massacre fans dream as it’s loaded with information and moderated perfectly by Slumber Party Massacre super-fan, Tony Brown. Brown is non-stop with his questions for the participants and even his observations are very welcome. Another gem in the extras department is the documentary, Sleepless Nights, produced by Jason Paul Collum. As with Brown, he’s obviously a Slumber Party freak. Trailers for the feature are also included as well.

The improvement in the sound and video department is definitely present throughout as this version without a doubt looks better than all previous incarnation. The colors pop beautifully during both the day and the night scenes and it appears quite a bit cleaner than the previous release. Overall, the presentation is pretty fantastic and well worth an upgrade.

What’s not to love about Slumber Party Massacre? Scream Factory has put forth an excellent package here that will surely please fans of this slasher classic that’s full of boobs, gore and the best driller killer to be put in front of a camera. Highly Recommended

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