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July 1, 2017

Movie Review: Daddy's Little Girl (2012)

Okay. Let’s get this straight out into the open. This movie is not horror, even though it’s touted as such on IMDB. It’s definitely a thriller. Normally that makes me very angry because I go in with one expectation and get something completely different. In this case, though, I’m willing to forgive the false advertising because this is one of the most BRUTAL revenge thrillers I’ve ever seen. It might even top Old Boy and I Saw The Devil - or at the very least, be on par with them. And those are two nearly perfect films.

Daddy’s Little Girl is the story of Derek, a single father sharing custody with his ex-wife, Stacy, of their beautiful little girl, Georgia. Though tensions are obviously high between the two adults, Georgia seems like a very well adjusted and happy kid. So of course, something terrible happens.

Georgia disappears. And every parent’s worst nightmare comes true - her lifeless body is discovered on the beach the next day. While the police work the case, Derek’s life becomes a shambles. Naturally. After six months, the police say they have a lead (a random witness saw someone suspicious and they’re bringing him in for the sketch artist), Derek is dubious. However, he must start to move on with his life and makes a decent attempt.

Until one random find at a party leads him to the REAL killer of his precious girl. Instead of immediately going to the police, he traps the culprit and proceeds to torture this person for six days - one day for every year of Georgia’s life. He can worry about the police later. Right now it’s time to get his revenge on.

Let me get the nitpicky stuff out of the way first because I don’t want to end this review on petty bullshit that irritates just me. 

The quality of the film is a bit shoddy. It’s always just a little out of focus and some of the camera work is shaky, which makes me ill. The focus could have been a screener issue - as in the makers of the movie don’t want people stealing it for their own gain. I get that but it was a bit distracting. The audio was also wonky. The dialogue was much quieter than the sound effects so I was constantly having to adjust the volume through the whole movie. Some parts of the film were easily predictable or dialogue thrown in as obvious foreshadowing. Even the movie description makes it easy to figure out who the killer is.

You just sit there and think about what you've done, mister.

But those few things are about all I can say were ‘bad’ about the movie. Otherwise, this was an excellent thriller. The characters are developed in a way that you actually care about them. I cried at least three times throughout the film; I got super pissed at the ex for not taking care of something that led to Georgia’s disappearance; the killer was someone you WANT to get fucked up.

Speaking of that, Derek’s torture sessions are absolutely epic. He inflicts injuries in the manner of the killer’s previous kills or even stuff that happened to other children who’d been kidnapped and murdered. The knee splitter was probably my favorite though the PVC pipe up the ass was a smart way to insert…well, I’ll let you watch to witness that little slice of ingenuity for yourselves.

It does seem highly suspect to me that Derek just had to go on the Internet to learn how to do a few things he unleashes on this poor schmuck. But hey, I’ve never had to perform a tracheotomy before. Maybe all it takes is a good Google search…maybe not but Derek sold it well. The actor portraying him was completely believable. Though most people would think him nuts, I imagine if I were a parent I’d be cheering him on from the sidelines. Hell, I’m not a parent and I WAS cheering. A lot. Clenching every five minutes but cheering, too.

Looking for a good thriller where the bad guy absolutely gets what’s coming to him? Then check out this little gem from Australia.

4 Hatchets (out of 5) 

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