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June 30, 2014

Movie Review: Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers & Evil Toons

As a lifelong cult film enthusiast when I think of the name Fred Olen Ray I think of an immense body of work that has been almost solely devoted to the making as many wild B-movies as possible over the past three decades. This guy just doesn’t rest. With movies like Beverly Hills Vamp, Bad Girls Go to Mars and Attack if the 60 Foot Centerfolds you know he has a sense of humor to go along with a love for 50’s and 60’s schlock. Ray’s company Retromedia in conjunction with Bayview have just given two of Ray’s classics from the 80’s, both starring the infinitely hot Michelle Bauer (Nightmare Sisters, Night of the Living Babes) in TITular roles, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Evil Toons. After being out of print for the past few years these titles can be had by anyone into cheesy jokes, boobs and horror.

When a chainsaw worshipping cult led by none other than” Leatherface” himself, Gunnar Hansen (who’s known simply here as the “Stranger”) starts making itself known by trolling the bars of the inner-city, johns start winding up dead following some illicit activity with ladies of the night. Mercedes (Bauer) does the brunt of the slaughtering for the crew by just being her alluring, sexy self and these horny dumdums naturally go ga ga for a chance to get off by the busty babe. Scream queen legend Linnea Quigley plays our oft naked protagonist who is essentially the key to taking down these chainsaw juggling freaks.

Ray tacked on the “Hollywood” to what was initially just Chainsaw Hookers to give it the west coast vibe. This and other interesting titbits are covered in the audio commentary on this 20th anniversary edition that’s well worth the listen. Also in the extras is a goofy introduction called Night Owl Theater with Ray’s curvaceous wife providing some “scenery” while Ray does some shtick.

Fred Olen Ray’s Evil Toons is a unique fusion of live-action tits and ass with animated characters among the bevy of bouncy beauties (Monique Gabrielle, Barbara Dare, Susan Ager and Madison Stone). The girls are payed to clean up a dusty, broken-down house and while cleaning, they find a lot of time to get naked. During some down time they play with a mysterious book that unleashes a creature (designed by the late-great genre writer Chas. Balun).If the tits aren’t enough to keep you watching there are some nice cameos by numerous cult icons including Dick Miller, David Carradine and Robert Quarry. Fred Olen Ray is on hand for another commentary for the main extra feature. Ray talks about the production and in one of the more interesting moments he seems a bit disturbed by how Carradine dies in Evil Toons and the similarities to his death in real life.

Both Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Evil Toons may not offer a superb upgrade in picture and sound from the previous releases but the can be had for a bargain price. With the extra features to sweeten the pot, both titles will serve as an evening of fun for admirers of Ray’s vast array of films. Recommended

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