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June 10, 2014

Movie Review: Honey Buns (1973)

The Impulse Pictures line of DVDs run by the Blu-ray and DVD specialists Synapse Films has consistently shown a dedication to bringing some of the naughtiest filth to DVD that the world has to offer. Whether it’s the crazy Japanese perversion of the popular Nikkatsu series or the goofy Euro-trashiness contained in the School Girl Report releases, Impulse shows a variety any pervert can appreciate. Thankfully, the Golden Age of porn is now becoming more of a focus with the recent release of Honey Buns, starring hardcore and soft-core starlets, Ushi Digard (Super Vixens, Fantasm) and Rene Bond (Please Don’t Eat My Mother, Rene Bond's Sex Fantasies).

Honey Buns is a "story" about a lonely, horny and pathetic schlep who slaves away at his shit desk job for his obnoxious boss who really doesn’t do much work himself. When his boss isn’t yelling at him he throws the always charming lecherous gaze at the females at the office (played by Bond and Digard) and occasionally breaks open a porno magazine right at his desk.

One afternoon our friend is strolling down the street where he bumps into a gentlemen known simply as "The Magician". The Magician seems to have a way with the ladies and may actually have the answer to his inability to get laid in one little pill. After arriving home, he pops the pill... and WHAMMO, he’s balls deep on a grubby kitchen floor probing a babe. Right as he’s about to squeeze his goop, everything stops and he starts from square one with another hot broad. This process continues, frustratingly so for him, but on the plus side he does get to sample different ladies. Does he ever get to finish? Watch the movie and you’ll find out.

Overall, Honey Buns is a good time and delivers some laughs along with some sleazy moments. Seeing adult film power-houses like the adorable Bond and busty Ushi in a movie together is a welcome sight.  Ms. Digard, unfortunately does not pop her top to show off her glorious mammaries but her time in the movie isn’t completely wasted. She does deliver some lines in her thick accent that may bring on a chuckle or too. Bond however does show off her exquisite oral skills by making her boss gush like Old Faithful under his desk. Now I know what she stores in those chipmunk cheeks of hers!

If you have enjoyed Impulses previous XXX releases like the Fred Lincoln films from last year or the unbelievable Sexcula, Honey Buns is worth picking up for any retro filth enthusiast wanting to expand their library of smut.

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