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January 31, 2015

Interracial Sex Havoc #8: 1980 - 1984

The Interracial Sex Havoc project is trying to catalog as many films as possible that contain at least one interracial sex scene. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify. This chapter is about movies released from 1980 to 1984 and I present you a couple of musicals (one soft-core and one hardcore). So, enjoy!

Divine Emanuelle (1981)

I’m a big fan of Black Emanuelle, and I even published a short article covering most of them with short reviews (I don’t provide you with a link here because it’s in Greek). These were so successful that many other (mostly and usually) unrelated films featuring Laura Gemser were released or (mainly) re-released using the franchise’s name, which was an Emmanuelle rip-off to begin with anyway. That was pretty much the same story with the Django title. Such is also the case with the present film.

US Senator Benneman [Bob Burrows in his last film part] is landing in Cyprus along with his beautiful daughter [Simone Brahmann from La via della prostituzione (1978)]. Very soon she comes across and charmed by Dorian [writer/producer/composer/director Christian Anders] who is the leader of Children of Light, which is a hippie cult that resides at Camp of Love.

The people of this cult are preaching love, but they make their money by having their female members turning tricks for the locals. They call the money they receive “donations”, but last time I checked this is pretty much the same with a whorehouse. Well, I saw that coming because very early on in the film there is a shot of some old guy swearing anti-gay crap in Greek. Homophobia and misogynist horse-shit usually go together.

And, erm, the film is a musical. Okay, not exactly a musical, but there is a lot of singing, dancing, choreography, and on-tempo editing, so I don’t know what else to call it. There aren’t many songs in it though, so these few are repeated over and over again, so much that either your ears will bleed or you will be so efficiently brainwashed that you’ll probably end up believing that the soundtrack is actually good.

The cult believes in The Divine One [yes, you guessed it, Laura Gemser], and after a lot of waiting she finally decides to make an appearance, guarded by Tanga [Sascha Borysenko who is acting with his muscles]. The Divine One is preaching Gandhi and The Bible (why these two together or only these two is a mystery to me) but favors only those who are take part in group sex, if you are into monogamy then torture is the answer. But she’s also whipping herself too like many religious fundamentalists do…

As you have probably already guessed the whole thing is set up in a way that would justify the endless amounts of naked flesh parading the screen, and the various cuts to the standard soft-core fare. The interiors seem to be cheap sets, which make the attempt look like a stage-play with sex in it. Laura Gemser has sex with various white performers (both male and female) so there’s technically a lot of interracial sex here.

Driller (1984)

Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1983) directed by John Landis is considered one of the greatest moments of music video history, but I have either only seen glimpses of it, or nothing at all, as I don’t remember too much about it, neither I’m interested in finding out as I’m not a big fan of either artist. Now that we got over that let’s talk a bit about its porn spoof.

“Where do you want it? In your tits? In your pussy? Or in your ass?”

The film kicks off with title cards letting us know that the producers want to spread the belief in supernatural and what we are about to see is parody of course. Other than that we see Hot Star [Mr. J] in concert (at what appears to be an underground adults-only club masquerading as a stage). Louise [Taija Rae] is having a crush with the singer and after she has a quickie with her nerd boyfriend she goes to sleep. Not for too long though, as a bunch of female dancers in torn black dresses will break into her bedroom and will soon be accompanied by the rock star that will turn into a werewolf. Said monster will take out his huge black dick which has the ability to spin around like a driller (hence the title – relevant sound effects are also provided) and penetrate her white vagina. He will then cum on her, and the colour of his sperm is black! This outrageous scene’s cinematography is great; courtesy of Sam Cosgrove. The film was produced and directed by Joyce James.

Then the action moves into a dungeon (the set design by Mark Preuss is actually brilliant) where several orgies take place (in effective ceremony-style manner), including some hot sex featuring the two aforementioned leads, but the real attraction is actress Cassandra Leigh who is gorgeous and has sex with a variety of guys. Also of note is Quasimodo who looks like the Toxic Avenger, and a few silly animation interludes.

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