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November 18, 2015

Love, Anonymous(ADAM & EVE - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - November 18, 2015

Starring :

Julia Ann
Britney Amber
Charlotte Stokely
Ryan McLane
Bianca Breeze
Tyler Nixon
Van Wylde
Jade Nile


Gentle cougar, hot-bodied MILF and all around lust object Julia Ann discovers an anonymous love poem inside a book. Thinking it was written for her, things start to go a little crazy at her café bake shop.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 14 mins.)


Love is abound, but so is confusion and misunderstanding, in this romantic comedy from Adam & Eve. LOVE, ANONYMOUS proves that confusion can go a long way.

In the film, Julia Ann is "Emily", an owner of a bakery called "Sweet Dixie". She is a woman who longs for love, and has yet to experience it, although she has been seeing Link for sometime. While Link, has shown interest, her desire for love just hasn't yet been fulfilled. However, that all seems to change when she discovers a mysterious poem, which had been tucked away in a book, which had been written anonymously. After reading the poem, all signs point to a younger co-worker named Randy, who may, or may not have been dropping hints earlier. Convinced that it's him, Emily comes onto Randy strongly, only to later come to find Randy himself finding the mysterious poem. It's a poem, which he believes to have been written by his boss, about him, as a result of their sexual encounter the previous night. From there, a trend occurs, as the poem in question makes its way into many hands at "Sweet Dixie", resulting in sweet chaos, tangled in love, and misunderstanding. The poem, causes mass confusion for all involved, who in the end find the true meaning of love individually. Who would have thought that such a simple love poem could cause so much trouble?

LOVE, ANONYMOUS is a film that goes the old fashioned comedy route in which an innocent mistake, a little misunderstanding, leads to a chain reaction of problems. That is what the character Emily, as well as her employees face, when they all mistake a poem to be written about them. While i'll refrain from revealing who it is that actually penned the poem(you'll have to watch to find out), it's easy to understand just why they might believe such. The script, which was written by industry legend, Raven Touchstone(from a story by Director, Skye Blue), makes sure to introduce little bits and pieces of detail as the characters interact with one another, so that when a select character later reads the poem, things about the words within it, begin to tie in with that character, leaving room for it to possibly make sense. It all leads to a fairly entertaining story as it progresses, as the fun of it all, is of course is figuring out, and then ultimately learning in the end, just who is actually responsible for said poem. The revelation is question, which occurs when the film comes to a close, I felt, was handled quite nicely by the film's Director, Skye Blue. I thought it was pretty clever, and fun, as it left me with a bit of a smile on my face.

In essence, that is what LOVE, ANONYMOUS is all about. It's fun. Yes, it may be a little cheesy, and overly, sweet at times, but overall, it is harmless, innocent fun. The film's vibe is somewhat similar to the mainstream film, VALENTINE'S DAY, i'd say. The film at its core is about feeling true love. As I guy, who likes romance films, I must admit that I enjoyed, and had some fun with it. I especially enjoyed seeing Julia Ann in the lead role as the bakery owner. To be honest, she is the sole reason that I wanted to see this in the first place. I'm a fan, and definitely believe her to be one of the sexiest women alive. As I would find out however, much to its credit, LOVE, ANONYMOUS also consists of a supporting cast, as well as a story, that makes it even more worthwhile. The story itself is easy to follow, and as a matter of fact actually reminds me of an episode of the '80s TV show "Mama's Family", in which a very similar scenario occurred. In that episode, the character "Vint", asks his nephew, "Bubba" to aid him in penning a love poem, for his love, "Naomi". He does, but of course it ends up in the wrong hands. The plan backfires, and then comedy ensues throughout the household. I happen to love "Mama's Family". and that was a great episode. Here, as I said, it's nearly identical, however it's no different in its outcome. It's enjoyable, and as a plus, it features good sex.

Out of the 5 sex scenes featured, I was naturally drawn to the 2 scenes featuring Julia Ann. They're great. However, with that said, they are all pretty good overall. I especially liked the opening sex scene featuring Jade Nile, and Tyler Nixon. The action gets hot and heavy, and they appear to have been really into it.

My Score : 6.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Jade Nile and Tyler Nix :

As two of Julia Ann's workers at the bakery, "Randy"(Tyler Nixon) and "Jessica"(Jade Nile) prepare for the day, curiosity gets the best of them when they can't keep their hands off each other. It starts with passionate kissing before Jade goes down to suck Tyler's cock, before slipping it between her tits, and stroking it, while rubbing herself. Then, as Jade lay back, Tyler goes in to tongue and finger her clit and pussy, making Jade wet. It then switches to doggy, where Nixon hits it hard from behind, as Jade props her foot up on a chair(during which Nile's tits bounce away). Tyler then sits on a chair, while Jade positions herself sideways and slams her pussy down on his dick, hard and fast. Jade then lays back for some missionary - the position gives us a nice view of Jade's bushed pussy as Tyler hits it hard, and deep. Tyler continues it fast and hard before cumming on her bush. - Good scene to start with. Very passionate and hard between the two.

Scene 2 : Julia Ann and Tyler Nixon :

Suspecting that he might be the author of the found poem, "Emily"(Julia Ann) invites "Randy"(Tyler Nixon) over to her place for Dinner, and help her clean up her sisters room, as her sister will be returning from abroad soon. It doesn't take long for the two to get in on some action. Julia Ann takes to the couch with her younger employee. They begin kissing as Julia talks about how young he is. The kissing eventually leads to Julia lying back on the couch, allowing Tyler to suck and tongue, and well as finger her pussy. Tyler then unbuttons and unzips, allowing Julia Ann to slowly suck and stroke, before getting a little sloppy with the blowjob. The two then move into reverse cowgirl that begins slow and deep, before Tyler starts to hit it fast and hard. The action then dissolves into some spoon, while Nixon continues the pace. Julia Ann eventually turns to her side for even more. Julia Ann then spreads for missionary, Tyler continues to ram the hole, before holding Julia Ann's legs back, and hitting it harder, which of course, forces him to cum on Julia Ann's - Another good scene. Julia Ann here displays why she is one of the hottest Pornstars of all time.

Scene 3 : Britney Amber and Van Wylde :

Coming back after making a delivery to an empty bakery, Van Wylde eventually finds the poem himself. This carries into later when Van Wylde helps his crush Britney Amber who gets injured. This is when Britney finds the poem, and she believes that Wylde wrote it. This leads to the two of them being at Wylde's house looking at his photography. But of course, it leads to sex. The two kiss, as Van Wylde rubs her down, before going down to tongue Amber's clit. Britney Amber then returns the favor on Wylde, as she sucks and slurps on his dick. They then move thing to cowgirl, where we see Britney's ass bounce nicely on the cock. The position then reverses for even more pounding, as Wylde rubs her clit. The reverse cowgirl transitions to a brief spooning, before going back to side reverse, and then back as Britney continues to enjoy what she's receiving. The action results in Van Wylde eventually pulling out and releasing his stuff onto Britney's pussy. - A fairly good scene. Britney Amber looks good in it.

Scene 4 : Bianca Breeze and Charlotte Stokely :

Next, we see that Emily's sister(Charlotte Stokely) has just returned from studying in Europe. She can't wait to pick up things with her former Professor(Bianca Breeze), with whom she had a Lesbian relationship with prior to leaving. Things pick up at Bianca's house. On the couch, the two begin kissing, before slowly undressing and feeling each other up. Things begin to heat up when Bianca begins to finger and lick Charlotte's snatch. Stokely then returns it as she goes down on Breeze. This transitions to Breeze getting on all-fours and Stokely going up under to eat. - the shortest of the film's sex scenes, the scene is ok. But unfortunately, there is just not enough of Charlotte Stokely.

Scene 5 : Julia Ann and Ryan McLane :
In the final sex scene, "Emily"Julia Ann), and "Link"(Ryan McLane, finally muster up the courage to gibe in to their temptation. They take to a bed, where it doesn't take them long to get down to business. McLane tongues and teases Julia Ann's clit, as she moans in satisfaction. He then slips in a few fingers for deeper penetration. Ryan then lays back, while Julia Ann strokes, sucks, and spits on his cock. She then mounts him in cowgirl. McLane pounds it in, before Julie Ann leans back, allowing McLane to hit it harder. The action then revisits cowhirl briefly, before proceeding to missionary, where Julia Ann spreads wide for McLane, who continues hard, fast and deep into her hole. Missionary then turns to spoon, which ends the scene, because it soon causes McLane to explode.

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