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November 12, 2015

Movie Review: Wanted (Wicked Pictures - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - November 12, 2015
Starring :

Annika Albrite
Cassidy Klein
Amber Rayne
Jodi Taylor
Stormy Daniels
Allie Haze
Jessica Drake
Chanel Preston
Mia Li
Brendon Miller
Tommy Gunn
Ryan McLane
Steven St. Croix

Brad Armstong
Eric Masterson
J. Crew
Dick Chibbles


The sheriff of Diablo City is as crooked as they come. He has a plan to steal a valuable deed from a woman by wrongfully accusing her of murder and having her hanged. After an impromptu rescue, four women find themselves both outlaws and unlikely friends in a race against time.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 59 mins.)


In the Adult Western, WANTED, from WICKED PICTURES and Stormy Daniels, chaos ensues when a a wealthy ranch owner dies. Confusion and greed erupts in the town of Diablo City Arizona, when a Prostitute named Joanna is blamed for Frank Garrett's death by Sheriff Clayton. In reality, Garrett loved Joanna, who suddenly dies shortly after seeing her for one last time. But not before giving her a valuable deed to a portion of his ranch, as well as a map to a secret location, indidicating that something valuable could be found there(although he wasn't specific as to what). After Clayton discovers the deed in her possession, he believes that money was the motive for killing Frank, and orders Joanna hanged, However, but before the hanging can go down, Joanna is courageously saved by 3 women(Dani, Birdie, and Lilah), as well as Frank's assistant, Samuel - who knows the truth regarding his former colleague and Joanna. After narrowly escaping a gunfight with Clayton and his Deputy, the group takes to the dusty trails, on horseback, as they hide out, and then later go searching for the location on Frank's map. Unfortunately for them however, they are soon pursued by not only Clayton, but also a Bounty Hunter named Morgan. Clayton just so happens to have caught wind of the map also, while Morgan, who was previously tracking Dani across several states, suddenly finds even more incentive, when she, of course, becomes a wanted woman. It seems that Morgan, and one Danielle "Dani" Deauxregard have themselves a storied history. As it is told to us: 5 years ago, while Dani was working as a Prostitute on Bourbon street in Louisiana, the two crossed paths. It was also on that night, that the rather sneaky Dani took the man for his money. Ever since then, the man has hoped to take her in. However, it doesn't make the situation any easier, in that he just might love her. When it comes down to it, however, Morgan agrees to accompany them on their trip(as Dani hopes to make enough money off of her cut of the wealth that they achieve with what is found via the map, so that she may help her best friend Birdie save her family's property), just as long as she agrees to let him bring her in after it's all said and done. While on the trail, and elsewhere, many sexual encounters occur, before Dani and the others are faced with one last showdown with the Sheriff, as they fight for wealth, freedom, and yes, love as well.

WICKED PICTURES describes WANTED as one of their blockbusters, and indeed it is. This film isn't the average porn production as the filmmakers pull out all of the stops here. At just under 3 hours in length, this film which was produced, written, and directed, by superstar Stormy Daniels, who also stars, is packed with sex, as well as story. Yes, story. In fact, personally, I feel that its story is its most compelling element, outshining the fact that it is also a film that features sexual athletes having sex. WANTED is a film that goes well beyond the norm, in terms of a porno script. WANTED presents a story with depth that is actually interesting to watch unfold. Yes, while the Adult market is flooded with many Adult films that are, in some cases just merely a grouping of sex scenes, which are thinly held together by a loose plot, WANTED differs, in that it has a story that makes us want to see it through until the end. Stormy Daniels, who now, has written several scripts knows how to write a story, porn or otherwise, and this film is just another good example of that. The story has great build up, with characters, whom have traits that are nicely developed, and they are developed in a way that make them interesting to the viewer. Over time, Daniels' character becomes one of sympathy, while simultaneously, coming across as a hero. And this is due to how the script develops her over the course of the film. Here, when it comes to the characters, we aren't handed some kind of half-assed idea of them, instead, each play a key part when it comes to the story as a whole.  I felt that the acting by the cast was also pretty good as well.  I know when going into the film, and upon noticing that the film ran for 3 hours, and boasted 9 sex scenes, I thought to myself, "Oh, Man...this is going to be a long day!". Next, I thought that, even with 3 hours, how in the world would the script allow enough time for story(especially a good one) in between all of those sex scenes? Well, to my surprise, it does just fine. In fact, it does great. Although the film is as long as it is, I found myself really into it. I honestly wanted to know what would happen to the characters in the end. The film was that entertaining. And that is something that you cannot say about all Adult features.

WANTED is a film that is a cut above, as it transcends its porn stigma. Personally to me, this is a movie, and shouldn't be lessened just because it features hardcore sex. It is a fun feature with all things drama, action, romance, and lastly sex. There is enough value, that I think that even non-porn enthusiasts will enjoy it.

I think that Stormy Daniels is a powerhouse, and is unaccountably one of the most talented, and intelligent businesswomen in the industry. Her work speaks for itself, as she continues to produce quality stuff. While it has been some time that I have visited any of Stormy's most recent work, I have to say that I am really impressed with WANTED. It is a production that had pleny of things which make the viewer forget that what they are watching is Adult entertainment. Everyone involved here looks to have had a blast making this one, and likewise, I had fun watching it. This is no doubt just the first of my many Stormy Daniels related reviews to come here at Cinema Head Cheese. I'll make sure of that!

If you enjoy a good story with your porn, then WANTED is most definitely for you. You will not be disappointed. As for the sex, WANTED features a whopping 9 sex scenes. Some are longer than others, but all are pretty good. I have to say that I really liked the Chanel Preston/Brad Armstrong pairing, and of course all of the Stormy scenes(she is featured in 3 of the 9 scenes).

The film is available on DVD, as well as on WICKED PICTURES' website. Click this link to join at a special discounted rate.
My Score : 8.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Annika Albrite and Jay Crew : The sex kicks off with Frank Garrett(Jay Crew) paying a visit to Prostitute Joanna(Annika Albrite). The two begin by passionately kissing. before they undress. Jay Crew starts by going down on Annika. Crew tongues and sucks away at her, before Annika returns the favor with a blowjob. The action then turns to some hard missionary, and then doggy. The action then causes Jay Crew to cum on Annika's back. This scene was a little short, but Annika especially showed great energy.

Scene 2 : Cassidy Klein and Dick Chibbles : In this scene, Dale(Dick Chibbles) finds himself injured, when a bullet grazes his leg during a shootout. "Alice"(Cassidy Klein) doctors him up, before offering up sex as a distraction for the pain. Cassidy first takes to Chibbles' dick as she sucks him off. From there, in isn't long before Cassidy's corst is untied, and Dick proceeds to go downtown, tonguing and fingering her hole. Dick the pounds Cassidy with his dick in missionary. Per her request, they then switch to doggystyle. The romp then moves to spooning for a time, and Cassidy likes it hard. After, Dick's dick unloads on Klein's love box. Nice fast and hard action in this scene.

Scene 3 : Amber Rayne, Mia Li, and Tommy Gunn : In this scene, Dani's friend "Birdie"(Amber Rayne) takes to the tepee of an Apache Indian, "Taza", and his wife, "Eela)(Mia Li), as they all get down in a Boy/Girl/Girl threesome. First, Li kisses Tommy, as Rayne sucks his dick, before the two girls share duties. Then Li downs done on Rayne, as Gunn hits Mia from behind. Then Amber gets some from Tommy in missionary, while she eats Mia, before Mia eventually moves to briefly finger Rayne. The action then transitions to having Mia mount Tommy in reverse cowgirl, as Rayne rubs and tongues at her. Rayne then gets it in cowgirl. They briefly suck Tommy off again, before Gunn lets go on Amber's face. An ok, scene, but not enough room to truly focus on the action at times.

Scene 4 : Jodi Taylor and Eric Masterson : Before going back out on the trail with Garrett's map, Samuel"(Eric Masterson) gets in a parting fuck with his Wife, "Sally"(Jodi Taylor), who doesn't want him to leave. Eric first slips down her pants to finger her deep. Jodi then exchanges by sucking Eric. Eventually, they take to missionary, as Taylor lies back on the bed. giving us a nice view of Jodi's haired pussy, as Eric goes in and out. The giving us a good view of her as, things go into cowgirl, before going into doggy. Jodi the sucks and strokes Masterson to climax. Good scene. Jodi is cute, and there is some very good action here.

Scene 5 : Stormy Daniels and Ryan McLane : During a flashback scene. Dani(Stormy Daniels), while working as a Production is Louisiana, takes to a bedroom with a client(Ryan McLane). First, McLane sits back, as Daniels. slowly, but steadily sucks him off. Ryan then goes to munch on Stormy a little. Stormy is the pulled to the edge of the bed, for a nice round of missionary. Missionary then graduates to cowgirl, giving a mice view of Stormy's ass as it bounces up and down - the action ranges from soft, to hard, then soft, and back to hard again. Then the two go into a side fucking position, as Stormy lie back on the bed, allowing Ryan to penetrate her. The action continues steady and hard, befire McLane unloads his stuff onto Stormy. It's our first glimpse of a naked and naughty Stormy in the film, and although kind of brief, the scene does not let us down.

Scene 6 : Allie Haze, Annika Albrite, and Stormy Daniels : After Stormy clues the girls in on her story, "Lilah"(Allie Haze), "Joana"(Annika Albrite), and "Dani"(Stormy Daniels), take to one another as they bate in the lake. The three play off each other, as they tongue, suck, and finger. Allie bends over, while Stormy fastly fingers her pussy, before Annika does the same. Stormy the lies back on a rock, as Allie tongues and sucks at her's. The girls the take back to the water, where Annika becomes the center of attention. Allie fingers, and rubs her hard, as Stormy cradles her. This was a decent scene with a lot of passion. The ladies seemed to be into it.

Scene 7 : Jessica Drake and Steven St. Croix : As the Sheriff, and Frank Garrett's widow, "Pearl"(Jessica Drake) sign the papers to agree to share on the sale of the Ranch. The now, former Mrs. Garrett informs the Sheriff, that she shall be leving for Philadelphia soon. It is here that St. Croix suggests that she shouldn't leave without seeing "goodbye". Of course he really means, leaving without fucking him first! The action begins on the kitchen table, as Drake hops up on the table, allowing St, Croix to hype up her dress, and go down. Drake proceeds to lie back, giving Steven better access. Drake then returns the favor, as St.Crow whips it out, and Jessica goes deep as she sucks. Jessica strokes him a little, and sucks on his balls, while continuing to slurp. Drake is then bent over by St. Croix, who takes her from behind. A nice view from underneath, gives us a view of Jessica's pussy. St. Croix, then sits in a chair, and Jessica hops on in cowgirl to ride him deep for awhile, before going into missionary on the table. After, Drake works him up to climax, as Steven cums on her face to end the scene. A sexy scene, made better by Jessica Drake, who talks dirty. She's great.

Scene 8 : Brad Armstrong and Chanel Preston : Meanwhile, as Dani and the others once again hit the trail, we join the Marshal as he is preoccupied by a lady named "Hannah(Chanel Preston). Innocent horseplay, of course leads to sex, as the two go at it. Armstrong first proceeds to finger away at Chanel hard and fast. Chanel for a brief spell spreads wide to play with herself, before she goes to suck Brad's cock. Armstrong then sits back and takes her into reverse cowgirl. Chanel then bends over to take his dick in doggystyle as Chanel encourages him to "beat up her cunt". The two then take to a bed inside, where Armstrong tongues her pussy as she spreads it for him, as he also fingers her ass. The action then goes to missionary, where Armstrong pounds until he's had enough. The scene comes to a close as Armstrong finishes on Chanel's face. A great scene. Both Preston and Armstrong are good together. Chanel has some dirty talk that makes the scene more hot.

Scene 9 : Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller : After the showdown with the Sheriff, Dani(Stormy Daniels) and the Bounty Hunter, Morgan(Brendon Miller), are forced to sleep in a barn, when they find that all the rooms are booked. This is where the two finally give into temptation, as they thrust themselves into sex. Passionate kissing leads to Undressing, before Stormy lies on her back. Brendon tongues her, before slipping fingers in. Stormy then returns the faver by sucking and stroking Miller. Stormy then sits on it in cowgirl. Stormy bounces on the cock for awhile, before the couple continues in missionary. The action is steady, as Stormy's big tits jiggle. The position naturally progresses to side fuck. Nice little romantic scene to close the film featuring real life couple, Daniels and Miller.

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