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February 3, 2016

Wetwork (Vivid - 2014)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 3, 2016

Starring :

Steven St. Croix
Richie Calhoun
Derrick Pierce
Danny Wylde
Penny Pax
Kimberly Kane
Claire Robbins
Eva Karera

From AVN Award-Winning director Eli Cross comes a story of spies, international intrigue, assassins, and prostitutes of every sort... sexual and political. As ruthless spy Anthony faces a midlife crisis, he must decide whether to keep playing the kiss and tell, murder and mayhem game, or retire. But retire to what? And what about Katherine, the seemingly normal artist, who just happens to kill her patrons after sex... who Anthony quickly becomes entangled with in a deadly game of cat and mouse. If you like your porn hot, nasty and layered, Wetwork is your film. With three anals, a beautiful San Francisco location, and the budget of a mainstream film, this is Eli Cross at his best... and it doesn't get any better than that.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 33 mins.)

In the film,WETWORK "Anthony" is a legendary spy, who is at a crossroads in his life.  He wants to give up his secret, and calculated profession after years of carrying out hits around the world.  After executing one last hit in Paris, he says that's it.  However, after returning home to California, he finds that he just can't give up what he's best at, and decides to take on the next mission.  The mission?  To trail and the execute a woman named "Katherine Mox".  On the surface, to everyone else, Katherine is an upcoming artist who's appearing on the cover of various art magazines. But to the people at Anthony's agency, Katherine Mox, is a cold-blooded assassin.  An assassin, who's good with a gun, but even better with a knife.  While initially Anthony tries to keep a low profile, by posing as a journalist from Vanity Fair, who looks to do an article on Mox's success in the art world, it doesn't take the savvy Katherine long to figure him out.  As the two of them meet head on, they come to discover that not only was Anthony hired by a man named "Singer"(Bryn Pryor) to kill Katherine, likewise he had hired she to get rid of Anthony, whom "Singer" now sees as an unstable liability.  With Anthony and Katherine now both wanted individuals, their enemies become common.  But none are worse than the man who hired both of them - the elusive "Singer".  As a love affair grows between Anthony and Katherine, Anthony reports back that he has killed his target, all the while, he and Katherine work together to close in on "Singer".  They soon do, but in the film's last act(Which ends beautiful in an abandoned warehouse), there is a twist to this tale of assassins and spies, which throws deception into the mix, resulting in an intense conclusion.

If you have been keeping score here at CHC, then you know that yesterday I reviewed a film which I scouted because of its award success.  Well, the same can be applied here with WETWORK.  WETWORK a film written and directed by Bryn Pryor (under his aliases; Mark Logan and Eli Cross), is a film that scooped up a wealth of awards and nominations from AVN, XBIZ XRCO last year.  While I didn't exactly agree on the previously reviewed film, I have to say that all of the awards that WETWORK has received are indeed well earned, and much deserved!

WETWORK is a film that is stacked from top to bottom.  Not only does it have a great story, it also has a budget, cast, and the accompanying performances to support it.  The film starts on location in Paris France, as we are introduced to our lead character, a hit man, specializing in "Wet Work"(killing for hire).  The film introduces him in a way in which we the viewer can sense his frustration.  It would appear that he is simply tired of the line of work, and he wants out. But then again, that's all he knows.  The film's opening setup ends with Anthony carrying out a hit on a crooked developer named "Lucien"(Anders Ellis), in a clever way.  After that, he quits, or so he thinks.  Because soon, the urge pulls him back in. And it is at that time, that we, the audience, are pulled in as well.  From there, WETWORK presents an intriguing story that is multi-layered as the method of it's storytelling is progressive.  What starts out as a fun provocative story of a professional hitman targeting a femme fatale, who seems to be just as equally dangerous as he, ultimately evolves into an dark and edgy thriller with both elements of romance and cold deception.  It is simply great storytelling, I was into what the film was selling from beginning to end, as the film just got better as it moved along.  Which moves me to the conclusion of the film.  While i'll restrain myself, as not to give anything away here, I will say that I loved how it all ended.  It's not necessarily a happy nor a sad ending, it's what the viewer chooses to make of it.  As i've said before I am one who subscribes to the idea that not all stories have to end happily.  The ending here leaves things up in the air, and I believe that there couldn't have been a better conclusion. Classy stuff.

Nearly everything about WETWORK is top notch stuff.  The film has added production values, simply in its shooting locations.  Shooting partly in France(at least I think it was really shot on location there), the buildings and everything help to give the film a Euro flavor.  Not to mention that the "Anthony" character, lives in a place that appears to be an abandoned building.  I also feel that the film concluding showdown was nicely staged, as it takes place within an old warehouse.  It just looks good, as the photography is nicely captured during the sequence.

Also top shelf here is the acting by virtually everyone. Leading the way are Steven St. Croix and Penny Pax, who are "Anthony" and "Katherine", respectively.  In the film, they are characters that we believe. St. Croix, in this film gives another fantastic performance, this time as a character who is believable as both a badass, and then someone whom is sort of struggling with himself emotionally.(Others seem to agree as Steven won the Best Actor honor for this movie at both AVN(Feature Movie) and XBIZ in 2015)  And on the other hand, there is Penny Pax, who is awesome as the Artist, who is secretly a skilled assassin.  While we don't see much of the Artist side of the "Katherine Mox" character, we see plenty of her skill as a killer, and that is where Penny shines, as she is equal parts dangerous and sexy.  Elsewhere, we have Claire Robbins as Katherine's best friend, and roommate, "Jessica", and Derrick Pierce who portrays a pair of assassin twins, collectively known as "The Dragon".  Kimberly Kane and Danny Wylde also make a pivotal appearance as well.  They are "Singer's" female associate "Selene" and his bodyguard, "Max", also respectively.  And speaking of "Singer", he is played by none other than the film's Director, whose showing is just as important as anything else, story-wise in the film.

As I hinted at above, I went into WETWORK knowing very little about it, other than it was an award winner, and a multiple nominee in 2015.  It was kind of a gamble, but boy, if it didn't payoff this time!  This is an all around, solid film.  One that perhaps even those who aren't fans of Adult might enjoy.  It's got story, intrigue, fight choreography, and yes, even a little blood!  Give this one a try.

WETWORK features a total of 5 sex scenes.  All of which are enjoyable.  However, my favorite would definitely have to be the third scene pairing of Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix.  It has some nice action, as the performers seem to be really into it.  That scene would be followed by the second scene coupling of Claire Robbins and Derrick Pierce.

My score : 8.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Eva Karera and Steven St. Croix
In the first scene, the spy, "Anthony"(Steven St. Croix) sets up a meeting with a prostitute named "Odette"(Ava Karera).  He meets her in her hotel room for a sexual romp.  It begins with passionate kissing, as Steven massages Ava's pussy.  To add some kink, he wraps his belt around her neck, as he proceeds to finger her fast and hard.  After, he goes in with his mouth, as he tongues and sucks the pussy.  Karera then returns the favor by going to work on St. Croix's cock.  While it started with Steven standing, it continues with him lying on the bed, where Ava takes him deep into her throat.  Then Ava lie on her back as Steven finger and throat fucks her briefly, before things go into missionary.  From here, St. Croix maintains a nice steady pace as he slams it in.  Before the position changes to anal spoon, he slams the hole hard.  From here, as Steven is fucking her ass, he jams some fingers into her pussy as well. After Ava briefly goes back to sucking, things then proceed doggy - first vaginal, and then anal.  As he steadily plows into her ass, he continues to work her pussy with his hand.  From there things go to missionary, where Steven fucks her briefly, before he pulls out to cum.  He squirts a huge load that flies out, landing on her chest and stomach.  - A pretty good scene to begin things with, one with both vaginal and anal sex.  It seems that St. Croix is always consistent in performing. 

Scene 2 : Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun
After her art show, artist "Katherine Mox"(Penny Pax) brings "Randall"(Richie Calhoun), one of her biggest and richest supporters back to her place, as the two proceed to have sex.  Passionate kissing turns into more, when Penny goes to work on Richie's cock, both stroking and sucking the shaft.  This is before she lies back, and allows Richie access to her pussy as he massages and sucks. And for added leverage, he eventually inserts some fingers into her slit.  Things then take to missionary as Richie plants it nice and deep.  As Richie continues, Penny's tits bounce.  This is followed up with Penny climbing on top in reverse cowgirl, as she rides the cock at a nice pace. That's before the action switches to traditional cowgirl, where she rides nice and fast, before grinding on the cock slowly.  It is then that Richie takes he into doggy. A side closeup gives us a brief, but nice view of the penetration.  After, Penny goes on to, again slurp Richie's cock, before jerking him off to cum, which of course ends the scene.  Richie ends things with a nice looking cumshot, as it hits Penny's neck and chest. - A pretty good scene.  I really liked the location as well as setup, as the view alternates between Anthony spying on Katherine and then the "in action" view point.  And as you know, I love Penny Pax!

Scene 3 : Claire Robbins and Derrick Pierce
After "Katherine"(Penny Pax) tells "Anthony"(Steven St. Croix), that her roommate "Jessica"(Claire Robbins) has been killed by an assassin.  We flashback to the sexual encounter that Jessica had prior to her death with a man(Derrick Pierce) that she brought home from the club.  The two soon take to the bed, as Derrick sucks on Claire's tits, before she spreads wide, allowing Derrick to go down on her, as he tongues and sucks her clit, before inserting fingers into her hole.  She turns to her side, where Derrick briefly tongues her asshole.  That is before Claire goes to slurp her cock, adding spit to make it sloppy.  After, Derrick slides it into Claire in missionary, where he proceeds to pound her pussy.  From the position, Derrick keeps a nice hard pace for an extended period.  From there, Claire hops on to the cock in cowgirl, as this position puts her nice big ass on display, as Derrick fucks her.  The action ranges from Derrick fucking her, to Claire bouncing on the cock, however Derrick for most of the ride, has his finger in her ass.  From there, it's doggy.  Derrick has his cock in her ass as he continues to plug away.  After, that the action turns to a side fuck position where Derrick continues to fuck her hard anally. This eventually leads to Derrick jacking off on Claire's tits to end scene.  - A great scene with some rather rough vag and anal action.  I really like seeing Claire as she isn't your typical Porn performer.  I know that it is cliché to say, but she has that "neighbor next door" quality, and she likes it nasty.  She's retired now, however it is actually her second retirement.  Maybe we will see her again?

Scene 4 : Penny Pax and Steven St. Croix
After killing the last of the assassin twins known as "The Dragon"(Derrick Pierce), "Anthony"(Steven St. Croix) returns home to find "Katherine"(Penny Pax) waiting for him.  After Katherine realizes what Anthony has done, the two are thrust into sex.  St. Croix bends Pax over to mouth her pussy briefly, before she goes on to suck his cock.  While St. Croix is standing, she sucks his cock and his balls, before Steven takes to the couch, which allows Penny to throat him even further.  This is before Penny jumps onto Steven's cock in cowgirl, as we see Penny's nice ass bounce up and down.  From here a nice pace is kept, before Penny soon sits sideways on the cock, allowing it to penetrate deep.  Things then naturally go to reverse cowgirl, where Penny continues to ride nice and deep.  With at one point, St. Croix spanking and spreading her pussy as he slams in his cock.  The position ends with Penny propping her legs up for more leverage.  From this position comes 69, as Penny straddles Steven's face as he proceeds to eat her pussy, while she sucks Steven's cock.  This goes to doggy, as Steven  continues to fuck Penny at a nice steady pace, while playing with her pussy.  The position then changes to missionary, where the action ranges from soft to hard, before St. Croix finally pulls out to blow his load onto Penny's chest and stomach.  - This was a really good scene. Nice hard action in a variety of positions.  It's pretty hot!

Scene 5 : Penny Pax and Kimberly Kane and Danny Wylde
The final scene features a three-way between "Katherine" and "Singer's"(Bryn Pryor) bodyguard, "Max"(Danny Wilde), and his woman, "Selene"(Kimberly Kane).  While she is seducing them at the club, "Anthony(Steven St. Croix) is busy scoping out Singer's house.  The three of them end up in a bedroom, where the 2 ladies, simultaneously work Danny's cock.  Kimberly takes him balls deep in her mouth, before Penny does the same. Then Kimberly straddles Penny's face, while Danny fucks Penny in missionary. Eventually, Kimberly sits on penny's face in reverse.  Next, Kimberly is on top of Penny, as Danny fucks Kane in the ass from behind.  Danny pulls Kimberly's hair as he pounds it in.  And from there, it is Penny who gets it anally in reverse cowgirl.  This position looks amazing, as Danny drills her asshole.  Danny hits it hard as Kimberly sucks Penny's clit.  After this, Kimberly gets more anal from side fuck, before Danny cums on Kane's hip to end the scene.  After which, Penny is sure to clean up. - Another good scene.  It started off slow, to only get better near scene's end.  Penny in reverse cowgirl looked amazing here, and I wish Kimberly would sit on my face like that!

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