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September 4, 2016

Movie Review: Der Bunker

Reviewed by: James D.
Der Bunker is one of those films that once you watch it, you will have something to digest well after the credits. If “ Serbian Film” was about a typical family in the underground of Serbia. This film can be seen as a typical family in a very odd part of Germany. The story revolves around a young man who is renting a bunker. This room could be seen as a rubber room for the mentally damaged. It has no windows, and is pretty depressing looking. On the surface, this could work because he can throw himself into his passion and work. Also, in this house is a mom and dad and their son Klaus. 

We soon learn of Klaus’s future, he seems to want to be president. The parents decide to let the new guy teach their son. Soon, the lessons get a little too much for the teacher and his student. This film is not for the casual movie fan. This film is such an odd little story, that many may be turned off by its pacing or relatable characters. This film had such a quirky charm that I found myself really getting behind it. The dark tone and humor worked fine.

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