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September 15, 2016

Movie Review: La Notte (1961)

Over the course of a day and through the night, an unfaithful couple go through the city of Milan; together and separate.  It is very apparent that the two have grown distant and now must figure out what is next in their lives.

I like that this film doesn't quite have a direction other than where the world takes each of the characters.  The visuals throughout Milan, Italy are amazing.  from walking the streets to the elitist house party(which boasts one of the most awesome pools I've seen).  Michelangelo Antonioni, the director of the film, has a fantastic eye for bringing the audience into a day in the life of this couple.

The husband, played brilliantly by , is a novelist who is quite well known.  He does have an eye for other women but does not seem to want to disrupt his home life.  The wife, played by , can see the two have become distant and seems encouraging of her husband being with another woman() who can give him what she cannot provide.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film.  While not conventional in how it is filmed, the audience is treated with getting a great visual of the psyche of the characters.  All of this film takes place within a day and concludes the next morning.  This film is definitely worth a viewing and I'm glad I received it in the Boxwalla subscription box.  You can read my reviews of Boxwalla's movie subscription boxes at HelloSubscription.

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