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December 21, 2016

Movie Review: The Orphan Killer (Blu-ray)

Reviewed By: James D.

The Orphan Killer is quite possibly one of the better slasher films in the indie market right now in terms of good gore and bloodshed. The kills and torture were really well done. The story focuses around Marcus, and his baby sister Audrey. When he was 6 and she was 2, their parents were killed when they got robbed. They were sent to a home, where Marcus took his parents death harder than she did. He acted out and got more violent. The nuns punished him by making where this old theater mask and treating him like some sort of freak. While Audrey found a home and a family, Marcus took it hard and vowed revenge on her.

My problems with this film are the pacing and the use of the flashbacks. You get a great kill and some adrenaline going, and they whip up this flashback that made no sense. The music in some scenes did not fit…I would have loved less music and more mood of the characters and their emotions, rather than loud music, or some female folk singer. The other negative, was the set up to the barb wire scene. Talk about something that was just dragged out getting to the point, and the conversation he has with his sister once he strings her up was just horrible.

This film make no mistake about it, is very violent -- if not towards adults, but kids and most importantly women. The dialogue is what you would expect in a low budget indie film but with that said, it still entertains. The producers built a lot of interest in this film so hopefully six plus years later people can still give the Reel Gore’s “The Orphan Killer” a fair shot.

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