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September 10, 2010

Eats and Drinks Reviews: Mighty Arrow, Münchner Gold and Sweaty Betty

by Lane Smith

#1 – Mighty Arrow by New Belgium Brewery

I’m a fan of almost everything New Belgium Brewery does (Fat Tire, 1554, etc.), and Mighty Arrow was no exception. For $9.99 a 12-pack this was a great beer and a value buy.

Appearance- Hazy peachy with tones of copper and a nice head.

Aroma - Excellent cascade hop aroma.

Taste- Bitter and hoppy up front with a nice mild caramel/citrus finish.

Texture- Medium body, nice and crisp.

Overall - I loved this beer. This moves towards to top of my list of New Belgium’s creations and for the price I got it, hard to beat in any situation. 6.00% ABV. Score 9/10.

#2 – Münchner Gold by Hacker-Pschoor

I randomly picked this up as a part of a mix-and-match six pack. I was unfamiliar with the brewery.

Appearance- Pale yellow-ish golden color. Little to no head retention.

Aroma - Very sweet light malty.

Taste- Yeasty and citrus-like up front with a nice mild maltiness in the finish.

Texture- very bubbly, surprisingly robust.

Overall – I enjoyed the malt flavor of the beer, a nice change of pace, but nothing spectacular. 5.50% ABV. Score 6/10.

#3 – Sweaty Betty by Boulder Beer

I ran across this stuff on the bargain aisle and wanted to give it a try. It’s by Boulder Beer, another reason I wanted to give the beer a try. I’ve liked most of the stuff I’ve tried from them, especially their Hazed and Infused IPA.

Appearance- Hazy yellow with decent head retention.

Aroma - Lemon, Banana, and a little cloves.

Taste- A little lemon zesty with moderate to strong banana and a somewhat funky aftertaste.

Texture- bubbly with a nice crispness.

Overall - This is just an average beer and you can find much better wheat beers for the price. I still like Boulder Beer but this wasn’t their best work. 5.90% ABV. Score 4/10

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