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September 2, 2010

Movie Review: Terror Overload (2010)

by Jeff Dolniak

Once in a while one of my favorite things to do is roll down to the Black Bear Diner with a few of my best pals and indulge in the chicken fried steak and biscuit plate. The thing is gigantic, and the biscuits are quite sizeable themselves. Add a little extra gravy (to soak the biscuits, of course) and you have what is truly a heart attack on a plate. It's a very un-healthy combination but hey, what the fuck; I live once and who cares if it eventually kills me. That brings me to the most recent concoction of sleaze and cheese from, Not For The Squeamish Productions, Terror Overload: Tales from Satan's Truckstop. Directors Jason Stephenson, Kevin Myhre and Brant Johnson serve up four plates of "chicken fried steak" for your enjoyment; "Devil Driver" (starring literary scribe, Joe Knetter, and scream queen ,Scarlet Salem), "Dinner Date" "Lot Lizard," and my personal favorite, "Mongo Chupa."

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Terror Overload is set-up essentially like Creepshow. We have "Devil Driver" as the wrap-around segment, with Joe Knetter playing the Twinkie-scarfing truck driver, who tells disgusting horror stories to a stranded Debbie (Scarlet Salem) that range from "sick", "sicker" to "sickest". The first tale, "Dinner Date," is easily the weakest of the four but has a few moments of disembowelment that will keep your eyes open. The story revolves around… well, a dinner date; but the host prefers to serve human meat. "Lot Lizard" follows an afternoon with a super-horny dude chugging drinks in a bar until a few equally horny gals grab his attention. The trio later leaves to go do something very carnal. The only catch is that these ladies want to do a little more than drain his scrotal-plums. This particular story gets the fun going in this film (err, video) and sets things up for the ridiculous, gross and fairly hilarious, "Mongo Chupa." "Mongo Chupa," is a monster-movie focusing in on an incestuous family of white-trash folks and their discovery of an egg, a rather large egg, found by shunned family member, Mongo. The story unfolds appropriately with the "family" fucking and then fucking some more. Unfortunately for this chromosome challenged crew, a carnivorous beast hatched from "Mongo's egg" and is hungry for penis and areola.

Like chicken-fried-steak, my diet of ultra-low-budget schlock might put me in an early grave, but I can't help but recommend Terror Overload, specifically to people who enjoy this level of "art." Copious amounts of nudity, gore, and goofy dialogue… what more can you ask for? If you are a "schlock-fiend" just remember… take an antacid.

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