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July 13, 2012

Movie Review: American Nudie Classics ( Alternative Cinema)

If you’re in need of some mature entertainment chock full of broads that could have sailed the Titanic, look no further than Alternative Cinema to find a brand-new loop collection called American Nudie Classics. It's a full three-hour of tits and bush from the 30's, 40's, 50’s and 60's mastered from original film elements. Intrigued yet?? Oh hell, you know you are.

The 30's section is an interesting mixed bag that starts off with a sun-bather being ogled by an oddball lecherous peeper. It's silent, naturally, with dialogue cards streaming our intense narrative along. Next on the menu we get a fully nude game of "toss the beach ball" in the pool. These gals are a spirited frolicking bunch. We then get a little artsy later in the loop with some nude silhouettes and women. In "Nautical Nudes" several ladies on a yacht tear the clothes off a shy gal while a curious man floats around in his dingy.

Each of the decades segway quite nicely into the next group of loops with film of events that took place during the particular decade (news clips etc.). The 40's loops seem to concentrate on more of the burlesque theme. One loop consists of a nude lady obscuring the view of her goods by strategically moving giant fluffy fans while she dances.
There is some more skin and amazingly one woman has what appears to be a shaved or incredibly trimmed bird. To me this was like finding a leprechaun. Bushes are especially full on most of the loops but to see this was quite an amazing sight.

The 50's section kind of reverts back to the goofiness of the 30's loop but here you do see a turn for what's to come. In one of the first loops a woman is caged by one of the cheesiest looking natives this side of a Jess Franco film. Many of the loops don't have nudity in this section though the women are gradually becoming more and more attractive ( and in color! ).

The 60's is where it's at. This is without a doubt the best part of the DVD. Sandra kicks off the sixties in style with a neato striptease that unveils her delicious curvaceous-ness. Once her granny-panties hit the floor you'll be hitting pause. The women in the 60's section are really much better eye-candy than the previous decades and have an amped up sensuality that makes each of the loops an enjoyable watch for vintage skinflick fans.

The quality is good overall for the material. Some tend to have better quality than others because its a compilation. The sound is also fine but expect a crackle and pop here and there. Alternative Cinema has included more than a dozen entertaining soft and hardcore movie trailers as extras from their catalog.
Alternative Cinema has always done a fine job with many of their previous loop collections as opposed to other companys who use shitty tape transfers. American Nudie Classics isn't any different. It does take some time to get rolling but when the DVD is done spinning in your DVD player you'll have witnessed many quality loops from yesteryear.

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