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July 30, 2012

Movie Review: It's in the Blood (2012)

Directed by Scooter Downey

Starring Lance Henrikson, Sean Elliot and Rose Sirna

Lance Henrickson fans, rejoice, you're probably gonna want to strap your seat-belts on for this joy-ride of true terror, with an intricately woven story-line that slowly unfolds in a most helter-skelter fashion, which will leave you deliriously confused and glued to your seat. Russell (Lance Henrickson) and his estranged son October (Sean Elliot) have recently reconnected after a long separation. Attempting to patch up their severely damaged relationship they decide to go on a long hike into the woods together. Far from help, Russell falls and suffers a nasty fracture to his leg. Not long after, they both realize they are not the only ones in the woods....something is hunting them, and its not human. As their struggle for survival wears painfully on, the shocking story of what brought them to this moment is slowly revealed through flashbacks and dreams. Grabbing the audience by the throat and dragging them along for a most terrifying of rides.

This movie has so much good stuff going for it, I am not even sure where to start. The script was absolutely amazing and when coupled with the stellar performances of Henrickson and Elliot, it created some truly magical chemistry between these two actors. Henrickson was as good as Ive ever seen him, and if it was my call, he’d have an Oscar sitting on his mantel for this performance. This movie was funny, sad, tragic and emotionally powerful. But above all, it evokes something that few movies can, real suspense and true terror.

The story itself is fairly simple and straight-forward, but its the way in which the film maker chooses to let the mystery unfold that makes this movie shine. The pacing was masterfully suspenseful, and the overall creepy effect achieved by the sounds, location and lighting all helped to transport me (the audience) out of my world and into the story itself. And any fan of great cinema will tell you, it doesn't get any better then that.

It's in the Blood is as emotionally charged as any horror movie Ive seen, its got some gore but that's not what it chooses to use to get under your skin. And therein lies its genius. Its a triumph for independent film making and an even bigger leap for indie horror. Do Not Miss Out On This Movie.

9.5 out of 10 ~  Reviewed by KennyB

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