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September 25, 2013

Movie Review: Skip Trace 2 (2012, Digital Playground)

Review By: Rob Sibley

Director: Robbie D
Company: Digital Playground

Robby D. veteran director for Digital Playground is back yet again with "Skip Trace: Episode 2". Which has an all-star cast of adult film stars, the two big names being Jesse Jane & Riley Steele. You also get Charley Chase and Jynx Maze joining in on the action.  The plot is simple if you can call it that is rather simple (Surprise!). Jesse Jane and Riley Steele are still running and gunning in a wild ride of adventure that keeps them hot and wet. As a pair of beautiful bail bondswomen working for the always sexy Tommy Gunn, the bad-ass blondes work hard and screw harder. When an old acquaintance (Keiran Lee) needs help on a case the girls sex up, suit up and are ready to take down bad guy, Nacho Vidal and his deliciously veiny cock. Horny hotties Jynx Maze and Charley Chase also get caught up in the XXX action!

Skip Trace 2 really lives up to the high standards of both Digital Playground and Robby D. Jesse Jane & Riley Steele both DP contract players still got it!  Besides the sex the films plot is rather cute and there is a nice light comedic tone to some of the scenes. Overall the film consists of 5 sex scenes and the first one is truly a memorable one and starts the show with a bang!

Scene 1: Charley Chase encounters  Nacho Vidal who's playing a drug lord. Charley wants a bit of the white powder but Nacho isn't giving it away for free. This leads to easily one of the most aggressive scenes that I've ever seen from Digital Playground. The scene is very much a rough and gonzo style one. Charley Chase is one helluva curvy brunette. She's gorgeous and the sex is rough and fantastic. Chase possessed an intensity during this sequence which is rare in the porn industry these days. Usually the women are lifeless but Chase was really into it. Best scene outta the five. The scene ends with the skip tracers trying to grab Nacho but he gets away.

Scene 2:  Next up is the ever so lovely Blonde bombshell Jesse Jane! She's feeling a bit bummed about the drug lord getting away (It's a shame isn't it?) so she visits her doctor friend played Manuel Ferrara. Manuel is quick to comfort her as they go at it on the examining table. It's one of the more sensual scenes in the film. But they go at it pretty hot and heavy. It's not hard to see why Jane is such a star and so famous in the adult film industry, the gal loves to screw and we thank her for it.

Scene 3: Jynx Maze, a young and very ample brunette is the star of this scene. She get's to play Nacho's girlfriend. She starts the scene in a lovely cut up red top and tight blue jean short shorts which she sheds soon enough. Before that Jynx shows up at the Skip Tracers HQ, she wants to turn Nacho in but she wants to screw him first. Jynx is an incredibly enthusiastic performer and that shows in this scene. As with the first Nacho scene, this one is a bit rougher then the usual Digital Playground stuff. After both of them finish up Jynx exits the house and the Skip Tracers enter arresting Nacho.

Scene 4: The second to last sequence features the one and only Riley Steele. It's a hot little scene that takes place at the Skip Tracer HQ. Happy with having caught her man Riley gets down and dirty with her fellow skip tracer Keiran Lee. Riley moans and purrs like the best of them for this great office sex scene. She's aggressive, fierce and is very into it. Some really great oral action provided Riley. The second best scene in the film. 

Scene 5: As Keiran Lee finishes u with Riley he's soon cornered by Jesse Jane who's feeling very horny. She starts the scene out is a extremely tight black top that can barley contain her tits. Soon enough she's tearing off her clothes to get down to business. This is an excellent scene to finish with as Riley is really having a great time and does plenty of dirty talking throughout. A very hot sequence indeed. 

SKIP TRACE: EPISODE 2 is packaged as DVD + Blu-ray combo pack which is packaged in a very nice slipcover. 

The 1.78:1 widescreen HD transfer is very attractive to the eyes. Skin tones and contrast is spot on. A very pleasing transfer as per usual from Digital Playground. Same goes for the 5.1 audio track which is crystal clear.

For extra's we get a nice little 10 minute behind the scenes featurette.

Overall this is another excellent release from Digital Playground. The only thing missing was a girl on girl scene between Riley and Jesse. But besides that this flick comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

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