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September 24, 2013

Movie Review: Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk (DVD, 2013)

Review By: Rob Sibley

Marvel Knights: Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk is another installment in Shout Factory's line of motion comics. I had previously reviewed the Wolverine: Origins motion comics and was happily surprised with results. So the big question is, does lighting strike twice or is this just a useless cash in? Luckily, the results are excellent. Written by Damon Lindelof of Lost & Prometheus fame and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu (Silent Dragon) and Dave McCraig (New Avengers). Wolverine Vs. Hulk is one of the more violent stories, if this was a live action film it would easily earn an R-rating considering the opening shot features Wolverine torn in half, climbing up a mountain with his intestines dangling out... more on that later. What about the story you ask?

Well Dr. Bruce Banner was presumed dead since his public execution for his rampage through Manhattan as The Hulk. But when several reports of unexplained incidents linked to a mysterious creature start cropping up around the globe, Nick Fury enlists the help of the one man he can trust to investigate: Wolverine. And Wolverine's more then happy to get the job done.

First up, the Hulk and The Wolverine you see in this motion comic are really nothing like the ones you see on film. Wolverine has always been one of the more fascinating characters in the Marvel universe considering his deep and rich back story. In the films Hugh Jackman does an amazing job with him but he lacks a bit of the brutality he has in some of the comics.

Same goes for the big green guy, Bruce Banner is a mild mannered scientist but when he hulks out he's a vicious beast. It's dr. jekyll and mr. hyde taken to new extremes. In many of the comics (this one included) The Hulk is meant to strike fear into individuals because if you get in his way he'll rip you apart. In the film's the hulking out is more fan service then anything else. You need look no further then the "Puny God" bit from The Avengers. Don't get me wrong I enjoy both the film versions and the comic versions of the Hulk. But I miss the extreme brutality in the films. 

You could almost call this the Roshomon of Marvel comics as the story is told both through Wolve's and Hulk's perspective. The story is also heavily told through constant flash backs that luckily help the story. This story would be amazing to watch as a live action film. The action shifts around from NY, Normandy to Tibet and even to Casablanca. It's all intimate and epic at the same time. 

The plot set up is simple at first, Nick Fury sends Wolverine out to kill The Hulk. Things get a bit complicated from then on out. The story really features a who's who of the Marvel universe. Besides Hulk and Wolvie, She Hulk, Tony Stark and even Steve Rogers make an appearance. 

As I mentioned earlier, the flash backs work for the most part... but eventually you will get a bit fed up. The actual story happening in real time is so entertaining and it's frustrating now and then that when the action is just about to get started we then dive into a flashback. 

This is really more a Hulk story then wolverine, 90 percent of the flashbacks show Hulks motivations and Wolverine is kind of just the thorn in Hulk's side. The story delves deeply into Bruce Banner's story of him still trying to rid himself of The Hulk. Going as far to seek help from Monks in Tibet. He's a tragic character that's for sure. 

The motion comic is only 66 minutes long so it does go by quickly but again the flashbacks are a bit grating. The animation though is excellent. It's actually much more smoother and features a much more fluid moition to the action then some of the previous Marvel Knights moition comcis.

It's also filled with plenty of memorable moments, Wolverine crawling around with no body from the waste down to Nick Fury chatting with Wolverine's severed head and every scene featuring She Hulk is extremely well handled and makes me want to see a live action film of her... make it happen Marvel! 

 Shout Factory brings Wolverine Vs. Hulk to DVD in a very handsome looking slim case. 

The transfer and audio are both very nice as to be expected the image quality is pretty much flawless and reflects the original comics art perfectly. The voice acting is top notch and the sound effects really pop. 

 Sadly for extra's all we get is a 7 minute retrospective. It would have been nice if it had been longer and possibly featured interviews with Lindelof or some of the voice actors. It's still entertaining but way to short.

All in all this is a solid release and a motion comic that is worth checking out if you dig these. I'd say... RENT IT.

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