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October 1, 2013

Pollygrind Film Festival: Cross Bearer and The Cemetery World Premiere News

The team behind the two Adam Ahlbrandt indie features making waves this fest season (Cross Bearer, a gritty arthouse slasher, and The Cemetery, a possession tale coated in ultra-violence) have announced their joint world premiere at the cutting-edge cult mash up Pollygrind Film Festival (theatre7, 1406 S. 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89104). In only its fourth year the fest had already gained accolades for spotlighting rising directors and premiering multiple features each year thus far. Named one of 2012s 25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee by MovieMaker Magazine, Pollygrind dishes out $30,000 in prizes, but also offers selected filmmakers the ultimate brass ring- a relationship with legitimate distributors, who attend the event in order to sign new features.

Ahlbrandt and his co-producers Natalie Jean (who also plays Heather in Cross Bearer and Andrea in The Cemetery) and Doug Sakmann (SPFX director and cameo actor in both films) spent the bulk of 2013 traveling cross-country previewing the duo, and as a result gained a swelling support system within the horror, underground, and art community. 

Commendatory reviews from Horrorhound Magazine, Rue Morgue, Horror Society, Wicked Channel, Decibal Magazine, Lloyd Kaufmann, Film Threat, Horror Happens Radio Show, and a number of underground bloggers, critics, and podcasts preceded the team’s decision on the upcoming premiere of both- which were initially intended to be played back-to-back.

Working alongside the Pollygrind founder Chad Clinton Freeman the movies will be screening together for the first time and collectively be known as Buried In Flesh: An Adam Ahlbrandt Double Feature. Though different in tone and style each is fraught with filth, gore, and a surprising amount of heart (both literally and metaphorically), and are complimented by Ahlbrandt’s praised cinematic eye. See for yourself Wednesday October 9th, at 8PMat theatre7 in Las Vegas.

Lead actress and producer Natalie Jean will be on-hand for the screenings as well as various events throughout the weekend.

To inquire about interviewing Miss Jean during the festival, contact:
For more information regarding Pollygrind Film Festival visit:

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