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October 17, 2013

Movie Review: Snuff (Blu-ray)

It's quite possible that I'm in a small minority, but at the oh-so tender age of eleven years-old I discovered a synopsis in the Encyclopedia of Horror Movies for Roberta and Michael Findlay's notorious Snuff --in of all places, the public library. Here is where the exploitatively sleazy allure of Snuff peaked my interest the most as it appeared to be one of the most shocking films ever produced with some absolutely golden taglines that include: "A film that could only be made in South America, where life is CHEAP!" or this one "The Bloodiest thing that ever happened in front of a camera!!!" and finally " The picture they said could NEVER be shown!".

Blue Underground debuted Snuff (Slaughter, American Cannibal) on DVD several years back in barebones fashion with some very interesting packaging that made the DVD look like they didn't put it out and someone else had taken it upon themselves to. Amazingly, Snuff is now on Blu-ray from the folks at Blue Underground. The companies’ name is now on the cover; it has a high-def upgrade and is loaded with some neato extra features that might add some explanation to the history of Snuff.

A psychotic cult leader gathers up some biker gals to do drugs, screw and participate in murder and all kinds of torture - primarily on young women. After killing numerous unlucky folks the group sets their sights on a young actress looking to be the next Sharon Tate. The movie Snuff is really the tale of two movies - you have Slaughter, a movie shelved for years, which is the majority of the running time and you have the tacked on finale with the supposed "real" murder of the actress. The "snuff" footage, amazingly enough is better quality than all of Slaughter. The movie is really so ridiculous and unintentionally funny at times that this inclusion is a fine transition.

Snuff looks way better than you think it could without having any issues with digital noise reduction. It still looks like film, thankfully. There is some wear here and there on the element but overall Blue Underground has made Snuff's debut on debut very good one.

The extra features are really somewhere were this release shines. There's an excellent interview with adult film director, Carter Stevens (Teenage Twins, Rollerbabies) that covers some interesting aspects on the snuff film and his involvement in Snuff the movie. Stevens actually helped authorities in the 70's as an expert and viewed movies. He claims that he never came across anything close. 

Acclaimed Director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) contributes an interview as well as an intro. This guy seems very cool and has an obvious admiration for Snuff that makes it a fun watch. Porn Buster is another interview featuring an ex-FBI agent, Bill Kelly, who worked many of these cases. He’s an older fellow with some stories and some solid insight on this incredibly morbid world. We also get some trailers, press materials and a very well-written essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.

It's been several months since Blue Underground has had a Blu-ray release and I must say I'm very pleased with what they have put forth with the high-definition release of this very important film in the history of exploitation. The extra features are very entertaining and it looks as good as it will EVER look here on this Blu-ray release. If you like your movies sleazy, gory and ridiculous look no further than Snuff. Highly Recommended.

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