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October 22, 2013

Movie Review: The Millennium Bug (2012)

Reviewed By: James Byron

The Millennium Bug takes place on December 31st 1999, when we were all worried about everything crashing and the world in chaos. The Haskin family is seeking refuge from the Y2K chaos by taking the family in a jeep to the mountains. Just so happens that Roger Patterson has been hiking through the forest in search of a species that is spawned once every 1000 years. Soon they will all meet a crazy hillbilly clan that lives within the woods.

You have to salute the heart of this film. Part The Hills Have Eyes and part the 50′s monster films. This film was done by a first time director and he did not use any CGI. The film starts off with Byron and Joany Haskin taking a trip to escape the world and the Y2K with his daughter Clarissa (played by VH1 Scream Queen contender…Christine Haeberman). Things go awry when they are going to bed in their tents and they are abducted, the whole while we get bits and pieces from Roger who is looking for this creature that is underground.

We get the most odd child birth scene I ever scene filmed, and we get a lot of blood, gore and plain violence. But, this film also has a dark dark humor element that shines at times. When they are kidnapped, Clarissa is being groomed to marry the bachelor of the family, and her dad and step mom are in the next room. And we are introduced to the pervert grandfather and the odd grandmother who shoots at anyone who cusses in the house even her own family.

The giant bug monster looked very well done. It did not look hokey or silly. And considering this is a small budget film they really made the bug look very cool. And, the gore and blood in this film, I was floored. They really did a lot with the little they had. This film was 35 minutes of the hillbilly family kidnapping the family and Roger, and basically doing everything from stabbing them to basically introducing them to other members of the family that are locked in basements like Orpheus. And the rest of the film a giant fun monster film with a great looking bug that gets a lot of screen time and there are some really well done death scenes and kills. I am impressed. And thank god, every Hollywood cliché was not in this film. They made this film by their own rules and there are plenty of surprises you won’t see coming.

The last time I had a feeling for a film like this, was Peter Jackson’s Dead/Alive. Now I am not comparing this to that, I am just saying I got a feeling that Kenneth is onto bigger and better things. Keep your eyes open. This film was an impressive and fun debut.

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