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September 1, 2014

Interracial Sex Havoc #6: 1978

The Interracial Sex Havoc project is trying to catalog as many films as possible that contain at least one interracial sex scene. Not all films included here are pornographic, but they had to have at least one interracial sex scene in order to qualify.

This chapter is about movies released in 1978 and I wrote about golden age porn [one film by Alex deRenzy], and a Joe D’Amato sleaze-fest. So, enjoy!

Pretty Peaches (1978)
The title’s girl [Desiree Cousteau from Caged Heat (1974)] is wearing red t-shirt and matching shorts (so short that half her ass cheeks are out for everyone to see at the car service parlour she stopped for a while) on her way to her father’s wedding to a black woman [Flower]. After some gambling (it’s a proper Las Vegas ceremony after all) and some shots of alcohol, she leaves, driving her fancy jeep. But she loses control of the vehicle and crashes on a tree. She gets out of the car and falls on the ground unconscious. Two opportunists find her and rape her. When she wakes up properly, she realized that she has amnesia. Her journey to remember her name begins and the trio drives to San Francisco.
Peaches is soon introduced to a bogus doctor/friend of the rapists, who places a paper bag on her head and tries to perform oral sex to her, she refuses, but she happily proceeds to some anal play which ends up with some impressive ass squirting.
In the meanwhile, dad and his new wife (‘the sex freak’) enjoy a threesome with their maid and some toys (that’s the second interracial sex scene in the movie, following an earlier one between the newlywed couple).
The female lead with the juicy body (oh, those curves), goes to a ‘dancing’ audition (yes, for a job as a stripper), and later she will meet a psychiatrist, who’ll also have his way with her. The film wraps up with an orgy scene full of oiled bodies (supposedly a swingers’ party).
Directed by Alex deRenzy [Femmes de Sade (1976)], this adult flick is exceptional because of its creative camera-work. The copy that I tracked down has outstanding image quality too.

Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)
Joe D’Amato directed a sleaze film of the highest order, full of animal cruelty, interracial sex, castration, human sacrifices etc. After watching such movies I take a shower in order to put myself together. This short review originally appeared in the Greek Independent website.

SexWorld (1978)
A bus, a plane, and who knows what else, brings together a bunch of people (mainly couples) who have problematic sex lives, in a gathering called SexWorld in order to fulfil their wildest fantasies. We see how the protagonists heard about this event, which is a good enough of an excuse to show a series of (utterly boring) sex scenes (there seems to be an obsession with phone sex going on too) and endless dialogues (this is a talk-fest of the highest order).
There are a couple of interracial sex scenes involving a white man and a black girl (the first one is really good, while the second one is short and padded throughout the picture with some clever editing), but the really impressive stuff comes towards the end: a hung black man has his way with the white female lead in a breath-taking slow-motion scene that you’ll never forget. Director Anthony Spinelli’s film has its heart in the right place, as reference is made to the notorious interracial sex scene of Behind the Green Door (1972).

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