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September 3, 2014

Movie Review: 42nd Street Forever: Peepshow Collection Volume 3 and 4

It's amazing to think how far we have come when it comes to accessing quality material to get off to. Nowadays, if you're by yourself and looking to squeeze a goopy load to some hot chicks or dudes or whatever all it takes one or two pecks at the keyboard at your taken endless options to make your mess. There was a time when actual adult theaters theaters featured full-length films and loops. While pornographic feature films really just caught on around the early 70's with Deep Throat -- xxx rated loops have been given many an opportunity to choke the bald man into the turtle soup.

Synapse Films' super sleazy sub-label Impulse Pictures have shown a lot lately to make fans of golden age porn though, they've taken to handling loop compilations with their releases in the 42nd Street Forever: Peepshow Collection. The most recent additions to the collection are volumes three and four which include fifteen outrageous sex loops from the 70's and early 80's. If you think you can handle it here's a look at both!

Volume three serves up a grouping of loops that have plenty of interesting highlights. We get to see a young John Holmes slap around his mammoth python with a young gal. Before he pummels the lass from behind a bunch of butter to the area. Does this help dull the pain? We'll never know because all you can hear is the projector running as is the norm for every single loop on these collections.

If you're shocked easily some of the loops will surely get under your skin. There are two loops in particular that had this jaded viewer wince a few times. One has cute girl on roller-skates screwing another gentleman in what seems like a pretty normal loop until she decides to pull his rubber off and sip out the goopy remnants like it’s a jello shot. Ewwww! This loop is actually tame compared to Barbarian Girls which might be one of the wildest loops I've ever seen -- next to the notorious Box Balls. A girl in a really bad wig abducts another gal in an even worse wig and forces her to do unimaginable things until she finally gets stabbed in her lady-bits. That's not enough as she decides to start unspooling her guts from the open cavity. Wow!

If you love seeing some of your favorites stars performing in old loops you will be pleased to see the star-power that's on display in volume four. Golden age babes, Sharon Mitchell and the busty Annie Sprinkle spotlight this great collection with their own loops and as they do in many of their films, they give it their all. Sprinkle brings her usual energy that seems to help her partner as well because he puts on his own show that would make Peter North envious. I'll put all the credit on Annie for this one though.

In one of the other more notable loops, Sharon Mitchell participates in a lesbian scene where she sensuously rubs the belly of the pregnant girl and they proceed to pleasure each other. The rest of the loops are very solid and show of a nice variety weirdness as we get to see gal named Tammy receiving an enema from her doctor who appears to make house calls and one of the more bizarre loops showing a masked man getting a blowjob. Gotta love the 1970’s!

These releases are light in the extras department, as they just feature the loops but what the DVDs do have as an awesome bonus are liner notes by one of the most knowledgeable and funny sleaze experts, Cinema Sewers editor and chief Robin Bougie. Impulse / Synapse made a good call on this bonus so here's hoping Mr. Bougie brings some more of his writing to future volumes in this series.

Impulse clearly has a couple winners here for lovers of loops. Overall, both compilations offer such a wide array of quality filth that should fit handsomely on the shelf of anyone who has an admiration for these sexy, goofy and at times depraved shorts from yesteryear.

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