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February 2, 2017

Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016)

Reviewed By: James D.

South Korea gives us a zombie film that I feel people are really going to be talking about. “ Train to Busan” is the story about Seok-woo who is a fund manager in Seoul. His dedication to his job has made him oblivious to his little daughter Soo-an. She wants to see his ex wife in Busan so they take a trip that will change everything for them. The train they get on has an infected passenger who as the film goes, the virus spreads. Train to Busan comes up with very clever ways not only to introduce us to this plague but the way it spreads. Think of this as maybe (REC) on a train. The film while the opening does drag for a few minutes, when the train gets going, this film is non-stop. It could be seen as South Korea’s answer to our “ World War Z” film just more fun and exciting. 

The running time is a little brave, I feel this film could have been trimmed a little bit. The film has some issues here and there with the pacing. The story at times does seem to stall. The zombies and the infection, are the key to this film. They both deliver in massive ways. This film is not afraid to scare you, which some horror films these days seems to forget that is what they are being made for. This film is an adrenaline ride thru hell that really gets the viewers to invest and enjoy each step of this roller coaster. Train to Busan, while problematic at times, is entertaining and well worth the watch. 

I would say this film is recommended. This film is just like an adrenaline rush. If you were to take logic out of the equation, this film is highly entertaining.

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