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October 16, 2015

Movie Review: CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1 (Adam & Eve Pictures/Evil Angel Productons - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - October 15, 2015
Starring :
Chad Alva
Richie Calhoun
Jay Taylor
Jenna Ivory
Ela Darling
Riley Reynolds
Kasey Warner
Katrina Jade
At the Cassidy Center for Sex Surrogacy, sex is both business and pleasure! These sexy surrogates not only help their clients with taboo bedroom issues, they also cheerfully hook up with each other and plenty of steamy friends.
(Runtime - 107 minutes)
Directed by Alexandra Silk, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1, tells the story of the Cassidy Center, an institution out of Southern California, that exists to help out clients who suffer from a variety of sexual short comings. Topics, which range from the likes of erectile dysfunction, to premature ejaculation - the Cassidy Center, covers it all. Headed by Katy Cassidy, her team includes; Sexologist, Dr. Mark Hill, sex toy specialist, Bobby Lane, and sex specialists, Lindsay Sterling and Deborah Whitehurst, Together, they work out problems for a number of others. But not without getting out a few sexual kinks, of their own!. The film goes on to detail the daily proceedings of the Cassidy Center, and its employees, both on, and off the clock.

CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1 is an ambitious, plot based Adult film, from husband and wife team, Producer Luc Wylder, and Director Alexandra Silk, that sets out, to both be somewhat educational, as well as provide the viewer with an entertaining viewing experience. It is one that implements sex scenes that slightly differ. Some more educationally based, and others, the more traditional scenes that we are used to, all the while wrapping them within a plot based storyline. With multiple goals here, the film is essentially juggling with its material. Perhaps, had the film been laid out with a more sound, and focused script, things would have worked out better. But as is, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1, is a really uneven affair, as the level of enjoyment comes and goes over the course of the film.

As far as the film's plot is concerned, what the film does give us is actually pretty thin. While the film is meant to give us insight of the daily on goings of a sexual institution, as far as plot developments and information, we get very little details through out, aside from several, seemingly useless facts regarding a number of sexual hindrances. Katy, and the others in the cast of characters, are supposed to be experts when it comes to sex, yet the actors portraying them, seem to be oblivious to what their characters are selling, and better yet, they don't seem to care, and seem to be just "going through the motions, as they say.
With the haste of the script, it eventually becomes clear that the film is more so focused on the sex, and not the plot. And fortunately, for us, the sex scenes are something that the film is better at. As mentioned above, the sex scenes are somewhat scattered about, toggling between educational(2 scenes), and raw sex(3 scenes). Now, I understand the inclusion of the quasi-educational scenes(one is about controlling premature ejaculation, the other about kegel balls). Maybe someone will find use of them, and be inspired in their own sex life. But personally, I found them boring, as they offset the tone the film, as the other sex scenes are all pretty decent.

As for those particular scenes, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1, features a foursome, girl/girl, and boy/girl, beyond the other two scenes, all of which have their moments. Richie Calhoun, gets lucky here, as he takes on 3 eager women at once. My only complaint would be there was just too much going on for each of the girls(Riley Reynolds, Jenna Ivory, and Jay Taylor), to get equal action. The action gets hotter during a girl/girl between Ela Darling and Kasey Warner, who indeed turn up the fire, as they use their tongues, fingers, and dildos to turn up the heat. But I guess that it is true that sometimes the best is saved for last, As that is truly the case for CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1. In my opinion, the best sex scene here, is the last one, which sees Chad Alva take on Katrina Jade in the back of an Adult novelty store. The scene is hot, as it begins when Chad's character, "Bobby" comes into the store on a quest to buy more sex toys. The store clerk, Jade, has big tits, and is wearing a visible red thong, so who could blame Bobby for wanting a piece? It turns out that she wants some of what Chad is packing as well. And so the inevitable happens. With the doors locked, they take to the back of the establishment to fuck. And that they do! Katrina unleashes her big tits, complete with piercings, and Chad does the same, as he gets his dick out. Soon, everything comes together, as the action is fast and hard. Two of the stars of this scene are indeed Katrina's natural breasts, which are a nice sight to behold as they jiggle about, not to mention her great ass. And yes, Chad is cool too - I always identify him as "Shaggy" from the "Scobby Doo" parody(as he was. It was a fun film, too). But with that said, this was my favorite sex scene from the film, with the scene involving Darling and Warner, coming a close second.

Overall, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1 is ambitious in it's idea, however, as a plot based film, it fails to fully execute. But that's not to say that it doesn't have its moments. Some of the sex scenes are good. But as far as the plot, and other elements go, I feel that they were just too underdeveloped. Instead of getting one cohesive story, CONFESSIONS OF A SEX SURROGATE VOL. 1, basically feels like a collection of 5 sex scenes, tied together by a series of loosely scripted vignettes. I mean, what exactly were the "confessions"? At no time did anyone confess anything. If you see it, see it for the 3 good sex scenes.

My Score : 4.5/10

Sex Scene Beakdown : 

Scene 1 : Richie Calhoun and Riley Reynolds/Jenna Ivory/Jay Taylor : In the first scene, Dr. Mark makes a house call, at Deborah's house, where he meets two massage therapists, Veronica and Gwen, who have recently come on to work at the Cassidy center. But the girls waste no time, as they go after the hunky doctor. The scene begins with the girls; Riley Reynolds(Deborah), Jenna Ivory("Gwen"), and Jay Taylor("Veronica) undressing as they begin to kiss. The girls eventually unleash Calhoun's manhood, as Ivory is the first to suck away at him, deep throating every inch. Calhoun then trades off with Reynolds, who begins to suck, as Taylor fingers her pussy. Jay Taylor is the last to get a taste of Calhoun, as she slowly sucks, while Ivory licks, and then begins to trade with Riley again. As this happens Jay removes Jenna's bottoms and caresses her. Riley is then the first to mount Calhoun in reverse Cowgirl, as the others wait with anticipation. The movement then gets steadily faster, as Ivory massages Reynolds' clit, and tits. Jay Taylor is next in the action, who gets it first in missionary as she eats Jenna from underneath. The scene often puts focus on the reaction of the scene's participants. The camera at one point takes am underneath view as Deborah is seen at the side massaging her clit. As the action continues, Jay Taylor seems to be loving it as she shivers with excitement. Jenna Ivory then assumes the position in doggy, who proceeds to get a slow and steady pounding from Cakhoun initially. It then proceeds to get faster and heavy, as she wants it harder. As this goes on Jay eats Riley, and the two continue to play. As Calhoun and Ivory continue we get a nice view of Ivory's pussy, as Calhoun penetrates, from the long POV, Jenna's tits jiggle. The action is a tun on for Riley who continuously massages her clit, before Jay lends a helping hand. the scene ends as Calhoun blows his wad on Ivory's ass.
Scene 2 : Steve Rogers and Ana Foxxx : The film goes directly into the next sex scene as we find character, Lindsey Sterling with a co-worker, played by Steve Rogers, who have gotten close in the last few months. Rogers, has a problem with premature ejaculation, and so Ana Foxxx, the expect hopes to help him learn to control his orgasm. Foxxx first lubes him up and begins to massage his rod and balls slowly to build up his tolerance. Rogers tells Anna his level of arousal, by giving it numbers from 1 to 10. When Rogers reaches an 8 they stop, until Rogers' boner subsides. Anna again continues to massage him. With is confidence now up(as well as his penis), Foxxx further tests his limits as he allows his boner to once again go down once more. Feeling that he is finally ready to let it go all the way, Foxxx proceeds to stroke him until he reaches a "10" and cums.

Scene 3 : Ela Darling and Kasey Warner : Virginia and Katy Cassidy, meet in her office for a little one on one. It starts with Ela Darling, bending Warner over a desk, and proceeds to tongue at her pussy. The position switches as Kasey lays on her back, putting her legs in the air, giving Darling access to finger and tongue her sweet spot. In which, Warner approves, claiming in character, that, she's "missed that tongue" Closeup shots accent the finger and tongue session. Darling, continuously spreads apart Warner's pussy, as she tongues Warner's pussy and ass. The tables soon turn, as it is Warner who takes the initiative, stripping down Ela, before going down on her. The tongue and finger action that follows has her screaming with joy. Warner then discovers a pair of dildos, in which they proceed to use. Warner gives more tongue, before inserting the rigid dildo into Darling's pussy. As she goes in and out, and massages her clit, Ela loves it. More hard massaging ensues, but it isn't long before Warner gets the same treatment. With Warner now on her back, jams her fingers inside of her, moving in and out at a quick pace. She then inserts a curved pink dildo into Kasey's pussy, shortly before turning on its vibration feature. Things continue with Darling, kissing and tonging Kasey's box, as she squirms with enjoyment, We also then get a nice view of Darling fingering herself from behind. The scene ends with Darling massaging Warner vigorously,as she climaxes.

Scene 4 : Ana Foxxx (solo) : Although Lindsey is a sex expert in many areas, she isn't so much an expert when it comes to sex toys. So when she receives a pair of "Ben Wa" balls, she asks Bobby(Chad Alva), the Cassidy center's toy expert for some advice. He says that they are used to strengthen vaginal muscles, and they use vibration to stimulate. Curiosity gets to Anna Foxxx, who takes to the bathroom for a solo session. She slowly strips down and begins to massage her nipples with the "Ben Wa" balls. She eventually switches focus to her vagina, before inserting the balls, which initially, she seems to find amusing. It continues, as she continuously pops them in and out, while massaging her clit. The scene continues as she weys the balls with her mouth, before continuing to massage, fast and deep, while alternating from rubbing, to spreading, before finally reaching climax.
Scene 5 : Chad Alva and Katrina Jade : In the 5th and final scene, Bobby(Chad Alva), has taken on a new client, who is suffering from erectile dysfunction, but before he can report to the client, he must first, replenish his assortment of sex toys. To do so, he stops by a nearby sex store. Working there, is hot clerk, Katrina Jade, who is happy to help out. However, she'd much rather help out Alva in another way! The talk about the toys escalates to something more, as Katrina clears the store of its customers, in order to give Alva a live demonstration. The two take it to the back, where Alva sits Jade down on a couch and, begins to massage her pussy, before undressing her. Alva removes her bra, to reveal Katrina's pierced nipples, and it isn't long before he is pants-less. Katrina then proceeds to quickly suck him off. In the meantime, she also sticks his cock between her big tits. Alva then bends her over, and begins to tongue Jade's pussy and ass. Katrina strokes him, before going reverse Cowgirl, as her big tits bounce up and down. The action then moves to missionary, where Alva pounds hard on her opening(this position uses a nice camera angle, with an underneath point of view, giving a nice view of the penetration), it continues as Jade's tits jiggle around. Then, towards the end of the position, Alva lifts Jade's legs for maximum effect. Katrina then gives Alva a sloppy blowjob, before she gets pounded hard in doggy, with her navel piercing simultaneously jiggling with her tits. Alva eventually finishes on Katrina's ass.

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